Lord Bamford, the Boss of JCB, one of our industrial powerhouses in Britain (How many are left?) has written to his staff saying that he is voting for us to ‘Leave’ in the Ballot on June 23rd.. He also encourages everyone of his 6,500 employees to vote saying this is much more important than a General Election.

I concur.


It struck me, as I was thinking about the arguments I hear from politicians, and the fear based selling on both sides that seems to prevail, that another tack was worth considering… How about we look at the opportunity of ‘Being Free?’ How about we look at the opportunity of being ‘More Entrepreneurial,’ less Health and Safety and more Swashbuckling? Capital letters for emphasis! How about I look at that for myself and my family?

Are we not a proud Island Nation? A hotchpotch of cultures melded together to be British… I do not like UK at all. Northern Ireland please come under the Great Britain banner – makes it easier for everyone.  We have two brands for our group of countries and, as every advertiser and brand guru will tell you you cannot effectively sell two brands. You need one. GREAT BRITAIN is our brand. United Kingdom is weaker and fights against the British. It is conflicting and confusing. It dissipates the Nationhood and belonging that all young and old have. I cannot be UKean. I can be a United Kingdom Citizen, but it’s much stronger to be British. A great Union flag, anthem and British brand – sell that internally and externally. United Kingdom is a misnomer created from the integration of Northern Ireland and should be dumped as  brand. Not Northern Ireland you understand! Let us be who we are – let us be British.

As an Island Nation do we not therefore have a tremendous advantage in trading out to the world and into Europe from our geographical location? Twas ever thus. How about we cull the Red Tape? How about our Politicians get out of the way and businesses flourish? How about Human Rights legislation is reversed!!!! Judeo Christian based law again – the Lawyers would love the fees on the change! How would that look? How about if London was unfettered even more to compete as it does a financial centre of the World? Was it the Head of Goodman Sachs that said they would have to review their position if we left the EU? Well of course he would. If it looks the same or better after we leave they will stay and grow here – doh! So we make it great to be here.

President Obama reminded us that it was good for all to contribute to the debate. I absolutely agree, he is a man of mark worth listening to no doubt. And he said ‘Stay in.’ His rationale, in part? Easier for US to deal with a block of countries than a single one. Fair enough. But we are special, we have loads of great real estate you use for your military, we are loved by you Americans as we love you, and trade with you. And we want Democracy which Mr President you stand for. I’d love to have a chat with you on that point. That’s the clincher for leaving. Or maybe you’re used to a Federal system of government? But then your elections for a President are a touch more colourful than the EU Presidency elections methinks.


Right now I look to emigrate – so why should I bother and care about Great Britain then? Why and how does that influence my thinking? Well, I am English, I am British and I face an uncertain time ahead. It is scary. A new land, a dream, possibility and a huge risk. And it’s overwhelming at times and I wonder what are we doing? And I am saddened to go yet excited at the opportunity. You start to look around and appreciate Britain more when you’re about to go.

You see I like to have everything safe, to not have everything thrown up in the air… No home, no job, a new country (Canada). All to play for… And yet should I not go because I am scared?

Should we stay in Europe because we are scared of what might happen if we are out?  Is that a good enough reason? Should I not go because I don’t know what it will look like? Should we stay in to “be at the table?” As advertising advises us. How will it work out? How about we can decide for ourselves without trying to influence what might be?

For what I plan, work on and dream of creating Canada is the best place in the world to be. So that makes sense. For my son it is I believe a land of opportunity. I truly hate the oppressive state education system here that has me a criminal for taking my son out of school for a day or more and fines me etc.. I hate the regime where he has to work at maths or english all day where teachers cannot let the children play… It is a major driver of us leaving. Never mind that though the point is I have to make it happen with my family in new circumstances. And I have to nuke my comfortable surroundings to make the transition, and it will be bumpy, expensive and stressful. And… the other side of that? What will I see?

So should I not go? Because I am comfortable being where I am? Or should I risk and try?

Should we stay in a Union that, as Lord Bamford reminds us, is committed to Political and Monetary Union, or do we take back our Sovereignty, stand on our own two feet and make it happen? Seems simple when put like that. It is principles not details that matter here to me and the Union is an ever closer political and monetary establishment. Yes there are peripheral safeguards at present but the tide is constant and not about to turn to loosening ties across the EU. The unelected Commission driving change and new rules as it’s Raison D’Etre, no doubt some good no doubt some adding to mountains red tape. Lord Bamford’s letter draws our attention to how that tide has run since 1975.

If I don’t go to Canada I will forever think ‘What if?’ And right now, if I’m honest, that is more comfortable? I could easily run away from this opportunity. It will be an act of will to go and is. We will go and leave. Set out and see… I have burnt the bridges to make it much more difficult to step back – on purpose, it’s very uncomfortable…

If we leave the EU, a fantastic opportunity opens up and everything’s to play for. It will also be a massive challenge? And lots of work to do. Oh yes and The European Nations will still want to trade with us. We provide them with profit remember. We must then call our Politicians to account and let our business leaders lead. Oh yes and please deregulate our schools and let children be children again – oh for that to happen!

And Scotland threatens to leave…. again… I thought we’d just been through that? I thought we’d thrown the family silver at them at the last moment to say please stay with us a short while ago. Well you know what, if you want to go, go. Enough of the threats to get more of what you want – get on with it and stop moaning… And let us then get on with it. Leicester City’s Manager Claudio Ranieri said, I would like them to stay but if they don’t want to be with us then they should go.  Perhaps a better way of looking at this is to say – let’s make Britain great together so we all prosper.

Below is a link to Lord Bamford’s letter. Here is a man who runs a family business successful over time and respected worldwide. He is a man of worth and authority, he has no political axe to grind and speaks for enterprise and for the Sovereignty of our country. He has gravitas.

I will be voting to leave the EU on the 23rd. I encourage you to do the same. Who Dares Wins sayeth our Special Forces – Indeed… And I will proudly fly a British flag beside a Canadian one in my new home.


or if you like – Nicholas Slater MA (Mktg) DUniv

Lord Bamford article link


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