We met with our team of Consultants on Friday at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I tried to see if there was anything we could do for Jon, in any way, from any angle. The answer is no.

I’m not angry, although that would be a natural reaction I imagine in these circumstances. But my I am in the impact of trying to find an angle to get things done and having failed. I’ve sorted stuff in my past, to no avail this time. Trying to fight for my son… No traction, no medical possibility. Well, we had to try.

So we are back to square one. We need a miracle for Jon to be healed. His amniotic fluid is better, his heart is beating strongly, he is kicking in his mummy’s tummy. Come on my son.

This lyric ANOTHER THIRTEEN – is reflecting on our Friday meeting and our journey with Jon, Jesus and the healing process. Click twice to see…

And we see the children lost in America, it break’s my heart to see their pictures and videos. I see a man stand up and say the only way to stop bad men with guns is to have good men with guns. Armed guards on every school gate he demands. Fear breeds fear. The possibility of not having the gun available to the bad man not an option then? The possibility of the bad man knowing the good man is there and having a bigger gun to repeat the process? Do schools then become like prisons?

And we have a son Tiger, who asked me to go to a Christmas Service tonight even though I didn’t want to go. I then heard him sing Away in a Manger at the front – I thought my heart would burst. Who said ‘Daddy you are an artist’ when someone asked me what I did. How gorgeous. He is a gift.

So, we have one five year old son alive in the world and excited about Christmas. We are very very fortunate. We all face challenges and in the challenge we face with Jon I count my blessings including the gift of the baby Jesus at Christmas.

I hope you have a peaceful Christmas, where ever you are.

Love Nicky





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