How are we doing? We, as in the British Olympic Team. What are the scores on the doors? I suppose that depends on how you categorise results. The Americans, in America, I hear have their own medal order. They have been categorising by ‘number of medals won’ up to now.’ This had them in No. 1 spot! Russia being third, GB fourth. USA have now moved ahead overall: Will they change their criteria now? Interesting how you can ‘interpret the results’ to suit! Here of course ‘Gold’ is the criteria for Olympic ranking, the American system equates a bronze as being worth as much as a gold. Try explaining all medals are of equal value to a silver medal winner.

Anyway, I discussed this at Spartan training with my workout partner Jack last night. This was just before I managed to pull a huge tyre onto my toe, which is now a bluey colour. We still managed to finish second on the tyre race around the track even after a lousy lane position to start and my injury. Not a bad performance for a silver. But silver is second. I’m OK with that now. I did win the sprinting though and the ‘Pull your partner round the block’ as they are attached via a huge elastic band being pulled along behind you. Will to win still in place then.

Jack suggested that The Medal Table should be categorised for medals won against size of population. GB of course would then be top of the pile. This is definitely an idea that has merit. Boris, create a new ‘Medal Table for London’ and let’s be No. 1.

I have another idea. The Olympics is all about ‘the taking part’ therefore surely the team with the most participants should be placed at the top of the leader board with others in descending order below. The medals then are a side note… Discuss. OK not really worth discussing.

Meanwhile my friend Neil is in London, over from Australia for The Games and it reminds me that my journey into music is taking years as I haven’t seen him for a while….We used to meet in Brighton for a coffee in the past when we lived there. Now, as time presses on, I’m prompted to ask ‘How am I doing?’

My quest is costing us time which, of course, equates to money. Courage ‘mon ami.’ On the medal scale then, HOW AM I DOING?  Truth is there’s nothing to see externally….yet. It’s taking a long time and as a ‘One Man Army’ I can only do one thing at a time, no matter the technology to enable or hinder. However, as a friend said to me when I asked how things were going “Everything is going in the right direction.” That is true for me. But doing fifteen jobs can be a stretch. Write the music, perform it, record it, master it, film the video and produce that, etc. as well as engineer everything… And I am writing lots, it just needs to get into production and be out there professionally produced.

So I pray for team to come at some point. But first ‘The Artist’ me needs time to grow here. Things are developing and learning is a luxury. I’m learning to play with the big boys as far as recording and editing sound is concerned and understanding Sonics and Depth of sound fields is a joy. Oh what gets me going these days!

I am reminded of the athlete and the artist who has to pay their dues out of the limelight working away alone. Tirelessly sacrificing to follow their dream. Well I’m on that track. It is a purposeful place and takes courage to pursue. My journey enhances my respect for the athletes at these Olympics, all of them, and I am encouraged to keep on keeping on. Might have been a good idea to have found this purpose when I was in my teens but hey, it creates a different dynamic now…

OK so back to Sonic Design in relation to creating a mix with depth of field… How many milliseconds on that cut off?

Have a great day.



PS The photo is from outside the Excel Centre where I saw the Judo last week. Liked the note taker and the dock worker. My, how the docks there have changed.


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