I went to my first Parent and Teachers evening ever last night with Christiane. Wine and home grown (literally) sausages and crisps and an insight into the world of Montessori teaching methodology. It was a super time with fascinating insights. Did you know that for Montessori there are three key elements in the learning process: the teacher, the child and the environment? All these impact on the child’s development. Take things out to work with them and then put them away the process. Hope it translates to home then!

Anyway the lady – Ms Carolyn – who founded the school and runs it created the motto of ‘Kindness and Respect for All’ – of course it’s in Latin – ‘Omnibus’ is ‘for all’ in Latin. Must look up the rest. Anyway, I was inspired by the teaching methodology and the place overall. We looked at what ‘Kindness and Respect’  meant to us and how that was outworked in practise. For example there was an issue with scooter time (there are only two scooters and all the children want a go). So the children themselves came up with a timer idea. They suggested they use a timer that was on a shelf to monitor usage and share the scooters, they are all aged under four remember. So now they bring back the scooter after their two minutes and pass it on to the next child gladly! Kindness and respect in action along with some lateral problem solving. It’s a great place for our youg Tiger to spend some formative time, we were lucky to get him in.

I was finishing compiling my files for my Business Records Inspection this morning. Everything is done – Rock n Roll. Been a good exercise, I will be much more sorted from now on. I used to be a complete disaster re records but now they are all tidy and sorted. A transformation. Quite proud of me actually – well done Slater. Anyhow whilst doing the file lugging and marking I was singing along to vocal exercises for a couple of hours – multi tasking! After practise I sang along with Pavarotti and Bocelli, as you do on a Thursday, and I found that by changing my mouth shape  (feels like a forward placement and slightly wider) my range went up! Yeah…. OK so I might look like a frog but it felt better and I think sounded better too, to me anyway. I felt like I was up there with the big guns, wonderful. Of course it may sound like the cat is being stranged but after three hours it was encouraging. I got a ‘sounds great’ from Christiane who came back in and I tested my new range on her. She then ran off as I increased the volume and bellowed at her! Perhaps her hubby imitating a full on Tenor standing just six feet away after he’s been singing for three hours is a bit LOUD!!! She’s talking to me now though. So, onwards and upwards to that mountain peak another step closer today.

Spartan Training tonight, a bit of Grrr with the chaps, freezing here so just have to go and get on with it. If I think about it beforehand I’ll be lost.



PS My son is sat doing a drawing alongside me in the studio as I write – lovely…

PPS Picture is one of Christiane’s from our Canada trip – I always like to link my Year of Learning to my mountain climbing metaphor

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