Commentary on Eurosport has been fun. Grand Prix final to come. It has shaken up my year off a bit. If you’re just visiting I’ve planned a year off to be learning. What about? Music,: writing, performance, production and video production. What’s happening is that music is the focus and with songwriting, guitar, piano and voice alongside production that is more than enough. Video / film sits back for a while.

But what is learning and how do we learn? I am currently, with Christiane, going to different Primary Schools to see which we should apply for for our son to go to. We apply for 3. We have seen four so far and all would be good, some are super. We have some more to see. I am being privileged to watch and see how children learn. The Montessori construct of pupil – teacher – environment all having equal importance really appeals to me so I am looking with an eye to these facets.

I AM LOOKING, REFLECTING, GETTING A HOLISTIC GUT FEELING… Funny I have been seeing more and more how I learn, how I operate. I never thought this year would include looking at learning styles and how to learn but that has now come up. Makes sense. If I learn in a way that works for me I will learn more effectively. This is why when I judged I needed to write a lot and mull things over whereas some just have a linear reaction. I am not less than these folk nor are they more than me, we are just different. It is also why I love pictures and mind maps, they appear simple to me whilst others might find them complex. In the past I have not ‘Just been’ with this and allowed ot to be for me. I thought it was ‘too easy’! So I fought with creating linear, wordy reports – that looked pretty! Doh…

Maybe you too are interested in how you learn, how you think, how you solve problems and communicate? Maybe you’ve got it sussed and don’t care. That’s fine but I do care….

Here is a quick overview of some ideas on Learning Styles. The green dots on the last page are where I think I am in terms of how I work. Insights for me include: this is why I work so hard to have order, because I am always trying to work on what I’m not great on and/or I know the devil is in the detail,  tension to be dug into here for me.

What is exciting for me is to realise I am a Holistic Thinker. I once re-choreographed a Free Dance in my head on the way back from a competition on the plane. When our coach arrived a couple of days later he said” How have you done that?” Easy, I knew all the steps inside out so shuffled them in my head and created something better. The key is that I knew the whole thing. It takes me ages to learn in a linear fashion but once I have the makeup of something I can communicate and work with this deflty and with ease moving various pieces around. Not the best thing for a Marketing Department Head to be or do as I sensed in my corporate days.

So I want to learn ALL ABOUT MUSIC: how it works, the different scales, the structures, the styles, the instruments, the orchestra / band make ups and all about songwriting – I am interested, engaged, watching a Prince documentary last night and lapping it up. Apparently we remember when we are interested, it doesn’t feel like a job of work. How similar to a school that has a huge project we went to yesterday, one class showing the other around their nature reserve, animals for sale and trees and collages etc. I learnt a lot about Africa from this Primary school.

So I’m an Imaginative and Interpersonal Thinker who craves information then I can play with this information and create. That’s why I am learning the way I am – ah ha, and that’s why friends sometimes seem to get frustrated that I don’t produce anything along the way. Although I write lots and riffs and the melodies come and create loads of bits and bobs. Somehow I don’t feel I’m there yet to be able to produce. I don’t know enough to be confident? So what I need is a project, a presentation, a gig, something that causes me to make something, perform something. I shy away right now because I can’t see how that can be a part of my learning process, but I need to invent something… I actually like Learning for Learning sake, it is a changing process according to Kolb and I feeling and liking that!

I love this Learning about Learning, learning to know me more and be freer in that and recognising the traits in others that are different and equally valid. I am reading The Loudest Duck by Laura Liswood (who works for Goldman Sachs and has interviewed female world leaders) who speaks on diversity with great authority and clarity this is presently juxtaposed with listening to a music professor from Berkelee on Jamplay and some ole finger pickers and wise guitar players, songwriters and a Concert Pianist who has decided to share some knowledge free for everyone.  http://www.howtoreadmusicguide.com/ Wisdom also comes from a Primary School Head who today said – “Things get messy in relation to children learning.” He said you cold plan but each child is different and you work with that. If you are a control freak you could have everyone sat quiet at a desk.

Anyway I am aware that I am blessed by time to learn and tutors in my ever developing ciriculum that are diverse and rich and God Willing they will enable me to produce something of value from this time.

I made some notes on learning styles here they are: LEARNING STYLES.graffle you may be interested?

Or maybe you’re bored now and want to get on and do something – that would make you a? …. Well look and see….



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