Still not firing on all cylinders so 6 am call with my son this morning was a stretch. Planned to be on Final Cut Server this morning but ‘got distracted’ by The Thought for the Day from UCB. My daily bible read / snippet. The theme was about a LIFE SENTENCE, a very loose link the auther had created from a line in Proverbs (20.7).

Now I love grave yards… Discuss? I know, I know but I do. They are fascinating and give a sense of ‘This is where we / I am going to end up. they are peaceful.  There are always comparisons and tragedy and hope for me: the child that lived a year or less, the old person who made a century, the family tomb with generations upon generations. The ‘Pauper Grave’ of sticks to the shrine to wealth.

31March2011-LIFE SENTENCE by nickyslater

The LIFE SENTENCE – to me suggests that sentence on the grave stone? Your Core Purpose, in management speak. Of course you or I could write – ‘Escaped’ – ‘I’m not here’ – ‘Shout loud for attention’ – ‘No I’m still no giving you more moeny!’ etc., etc.. I don’t know why but I do get a questioning as to what you could write? Disrespectful? To some yes and in some circumstances of course sorry to you if you are one of those this offends. But, if I could provoke a smile from the grave, that would be a win from my side of things. How about? ‘They got the wrong man’ or ‘He was wonderful, amazing, brilliant, gifted, humble, wise and the whole world loved him…’ Now that sounds good. Must ammend my will and put that in. I bet there is some official policing of this? Otherwise you could have jokes all over the place. Or perhaps I should stop reading Frank Skinner’s Autobiography as it’s already getting me into trouble? Enough.


Version 2 because I have already had a bit of development as I revisited it this afternoon and like to fit it on one page… Love N

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