Five years ago I started on a journey into music and video. I embraced the new technology on the change from Tape based formats for video storage to hard drives. I was naive, caught in format wars, codec conflicts and software simply not working that the Pros, with their experience and teams addressed with difficulty. Some addressed this by not upgrading for a while. It was hell for me and it cost me lots of money, time, angst and meant I never achieved results and eventually wrote off much expensive software as time moved on. Not a great experience.

I am more able to deal with ‘Tech Hell’ now when things don’t work on programmes and I don’t feel I am personally rubbish or the computer hates me when things go wrong now…  It’s simply – oh that fell over, must be latest upgrade, need to sort this then, look for solution and either write off software or fix…

This has been progress for me as ‘Tech Hell’ is one of the worst of feelings. It’s all nought and one and some programmer somewhere has not done their job properly and has you Beta testing for them. Or, they have upgraded something and everything else needs to catch up and crashes, or is now completely negated as a tool. ‘Left behind…’ the terminology. This software is no longer supported.. ‘Sorry you bought it when we thought it was a good idea but things have moved on. Don’t mail us…’

So this week, Logic Pro X Apple Computer’s flaghsip Pro Music Programme was launched. Price – £139.99 – So cheap! Too cheap for what it does maybe to the pros? It lowers my expectation of performance. You get what you pay for etc.. Anyway I decided I would jump in and get it after reading all the blurb and watching third party videos about it. I did a fair amount of research and, it seemed worth the risk. I knew there would be gliches but… fortune favours the brave, this will be a breakthrough. Go for it Slater…

I have a have a controller made by Mackie that was no longer supported by them and did not run on Logic 9 – Over £400 worth of kit sat on a shelf, sad and unusable. The Logic Pro X documentation said it would work!!! Excitement… I plugged it in and the lights came on, everything seemed to be working. Yippee Apple have done work to enable my extra controller. A big win – thank you.

New features of stacks, I had one instrument playing four from a midi file -excellent. Re-arrange tracks in mixer, nicer interface – excepting some menus – so many “OPEN” this messages on the pull down menus. A yukky design but the argument would be it helps first time iusers – but too many words get in the way.. hey ho. And a Hide button has dissappeared? Why? It is stil refered to in group menus but not in main page – who missed that one?

Anyway getting things in order. My end of term project has one hundred forty tracks including busses, all colour coded and arranged neatly… Adding in new loops, new guitar boxes – all great. Up to end of yesterday morning…

Crash… Logic has quit unexpectedly – it did this around fifty times in five hours yesterday afternoon and evening. Controller uits for mixing did not work. Acting eratically or not being seen, mirroring each other. Bug in Roland SI A appearing? Why? I don’t have one of those? stopped programme seeing part of mixer bank? Changed USB leads. checked connections unplugged and re-plugeed. Mixer console control channels causing more than one track to move at once… crash, re-indexing… crash. Crash, CRASH…

Environment window throws tracks I move far to the right off screen so I can’t see them and can’t get them back… crash….

Hey ho… Apple received my fifty crash reports and my report of frustration, user groups on Apple site reporting crashes… Me starting to look at Pro Tools and Avid site!!! Oh how fickle – but I just need something robust to work….

I did some courses to get me fixed in times gone by… Some helped and I do remember some stuff. ‘What do you Make It Mean?’ The coaches would say… Well for a moment the demon of ‘You’re a jerk for having bought into this, the computer will stop you, you will never succeed” came to say hello…” A horrible entity for The Artist to face

By the end of the day – 21:30 I had sorted some things so that controllers worked more. Logic X falls over every minute or so but controllers seeing the programe better. Not robust, but better. The only major issue seemed to be that when I move one fader, another one eight or sixteen away moves at the same time! So I lower the volume on a drum and a piano lowers it’s volume too! This makes the mixer desk unusable at present as – obviously – I want to move one fader at a time please! Am I shouting!!! I unplug one section and another mirrors this issue, hold the second fader and it still moves on the screen. It’s a software thing…

So – an unusable mixer desk due to one error. I will programme all the channels individually Monday to see if I can get around it. After that, if I get no joy, I will go back to Logic 9 and stay there awhile.

After a fighty dream – no doubt prompted by Logic and subsequent tension moment with C – she defrosting fridge me wanting to help – anything but stay in crash zone – she not letting me as it was a distraction! Anyway – up at 6 am on my day off and I did made some progress before close of play last night.

The depth and breadth of the programme Logic X  – for the money – is astonishing compared to the past. I am very conversant with it and look forward to it being robust and enabling me to have breakthroughs in producing the music I have waiting to fly… IT WILL WORK….

But – Golly…. it was a pain yesterday… You can’t have a flimsy crashing piece of software in a Pro Studio environment – Logic’s Team needs to be on this 24/7… I hate the feeling of being completely disempowered by the software – it simply stops you, and you have nowhere to go. Forums take forever and… I can’t produce.

I suppose a part of what is coming up is that I am so into producing now and it’s exciting to see things develop, layers of tracks coming in – vocals next! And I am frustrated it all takes so long… need to get to visuals…. And I’m ready to be mixing and WHAP…. a big roadblock is erected by new software, which I chose to buy in good faith!!! Yes, yes you should have waited you knew there would be pain…

External processing over. A day off, then Monday is a day of step by step programming and we shall see. I expect Logic X to be fragile for a while though so managing expectations.

Wanting to be producing now – with freedom and ease! Not angst, pain and crashes… I will get there… Boxercise this morning will help process some stress for the body, church for the mind and soul, family time for the heart… Then back to it….

Have a great Sunday.

Love N

PS And another thing – WordPress spell checker doesn’t work on this Blog! No mispellings it says.. I found many, maybe you found some others… Technology!…

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