This afternoon, as my birthday present, I was taken to The Barbican to see Bobby McFerrin by Christiane.


I could have been commentating on The Gala from the Junior World Championships. I’ve commentated on the Junior World’s this week and had six hours from 3:15 to 9:15 yesterday solo. During which time I had about three minutes of just looking at an ice rink with nothing happening and talking to everyone at home about that!!! I think I did OK although a couple of calls on the ladies and men’s I could have foreseen more clearly…. Hindsight, she is forever shouting wisdom.

On the way home this evening I drove us back past Borehamwood where the final of Dancing On Ice (that I judged on for a while) is staged. For five years I spent Saturdays and then Sundays there. So reflections on a change of life are natural I suppose. Earlier we were being driven by my brother, who had kindly picked us from Hammersmith, past Holly Willoughby’s house on the banks of the Thames. My brother is a super guide in the ‘Who lives where’ on that stretch of road in Barnes. Holly of course was presenting with Phillip Schoffield when Dancing on Ice started.

And the ratings for DOI were 6.9 million last week I heard. Now when Holly and I were there they were 9 to 10 million. Has our not being there caused the rating drop? Well obviously, the loss of 2 to 3 million viewers was all down to us! Well… what else has changed?… I am speaking tongue in cheek here you understand… You do, don’t you? Anyway…

The work possibility for Eurosport came up because my friend and colleague Chris Howarth was ill. It came up after the tickets to Bobby McFerrin were booked. So what I do is say the tickets cost X and I could earn Y today so the actual ticket cost is X + Y = Z  – How much!? Another angle I may have had I the past is – if you turn down work you might not be asked in the future. A programmed response I picked up from somewhere…

Anyway, Christiane was a star as ever. “You can go work and I’ll get someone to go with or give the ticket away on the door,” she told me.

I thought about it and decided, this is possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Bobby McFerrin in London and I’ve missed some before -Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli and Dean Martin at the Albert Hall being one such memory – so I said I would not be able to work – I’d go to the concert…

I asked Christiane the next day how she felt about this –  “I FEEL SPECIAL – she told me. You chose to be with me.” And I did… How brilliant. I had a date with my wife at a concert. We sat in a pub in the Barbican after the show and Bobby McFerrin himself came in with his daughter and bass player and were walking past us. I congratulated him on his performance and thanked him for what he’d done and his daughter and bass player too. If I was more pushy I could have got a picture – but… well, I didn’t want to bother him.

And Christiane asked on the way home what would you rather have done today: do commentary, judge Dancing on Ice or see Bobby McFerrin? I answered easily the latter. Funny how life moves on. How lucky I am.

He, Bobby, and the band were absolutely brilliant and inspiring. I had tears in my eyes for much of the time due to the richness of what I witnessed. A full house standing ovation accompanied the end of the performance. Click the image above to see the run down of the performance.

“When I was developing my own approach to improvisation, the only thing I had to practice was getting over the fear of doing it. I think that’s the only thing that really hampers people from improvising: they’re just afraid of looking like a fool or not having enough ideas. It’s a risk. It’s like opening a door to a dark room and going in. You don’t know what you’ll find. But I find that fascinating.

It doesn’t matter where you land. Just the act of leaping is where it’s at for me. That’s the big lesson: itís the process. It’s the joy of the journey that’s the important thing.” Bobby McFerrin

I am now a lifelong fan and awestruck at the talents of one man and the family of a band that all were brilliant as individuals and gelled beautifully… Let’s all buy his new album when it comes out and give him a number one.

A great day and learning about priorities for me.

Love N

Bobby’s website – click picture

Bobby McFerrin Web Site
PS: I hope all my former colleagues at Dancing On Ice who may still be there had a great evening. It’s always a great feeling to get to the end of a series.

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