Week two of being in Canada. A car sold out from under me yesterday. Budget Rent a Car taking C$1,000 off me to date! Eight million forms filled in and twenty thousand numbers for everythng you are and need to be registered for – all done.

And I met Khalid today at the ‘Resettlement Centre’ where C was getting stuff printed. My, she’s done a job on the admin – I think she should do I guide on ‘How to set up in Canada,’ I’m just the driver. Though the driver is going mad as we drive up and down Kelowna Streets looking at houses with me going why would you, why are we here and thinking we can’t afford what we’d like – but then isn’t that always the way?

Anyway, in the ‘Resettlement Cebtre’ I said hello to Khalid who, it turns out, is from Syria and doesn’t speak much English… Yet. I introduced myself as an immigrant too, from England! We smiled. How lovely. We have a bond.

And buying a house here two years ago would have been better. Market up 20% or more in that time. Hey ho.

If nothing else, as I talked to a Music Producer at his studio looking over the lake this afternoon I thought this is an experience. A stressful, challenging, stretching experience, but an experience none the less.

In the bookstore – now Chapters (didn’t it used to be Waterstones?) a leather bound notebook had a Hemmingway quote. I think it was… “If you haven’t lived life, you can’t write about it.” There is a man who lived and whose chair I sat in in Key West back in 2000 when I was producing in the US in one of my former lives.

Oh yes and a Mountainaire is the biggest Recreational Vehicle you have ever seen in your life. It should be called ‘Mine’s Bigger Than Yours’ and the inside ‘Mine’s Better than Yours’ they have to be seen to be believed. It features in the words. I saw and stepped into one tonight.

So in the space of being a new immigrant this poem/lyric said hello this evening in British Columbia.



  • tease-and-stocking

  • tease-and-denial

  • sissification

  • my-princess-goddess

  • mesmerize

  • jerkoff-instruction

  • humiliation

  • handjob

  • foot-fetish

  • female-domination

  • dirty-talk

  • cum-eating-instruction

  • chastity

  • ass-worship