A weekend of mixed imagery: The Olympics Opening Ceremony, a Thanksgiving Service for a friend and a stark message about poverty in my home town all work together to prompt this piece.

We watched the wonderful scenes from The Olympic Opening Ceremony on Saturday morning as a family. The Queen parachuting with James Bond! Fabulous. Seeing some of my Olympic contemporaries passing on the flame was a lovely touch. Couldn’t help remembering how the two Olympics I did were not easy for me all worked to give an interesting mix. I was in the sport/art of ice dancing and perhaps too aware of the politics of judging. I did get to go down the bobsleigh though…

Yet I hope for fairness in the judging and integrity for the competitors in these Olympics. So easy to want to give anything to win and risk all if you let it take you. Winning is everything for some, second is nowhere. But that, at heart, is not what this is about. I am hoping too to inspire my son to see the good in competing to be the best you can be. Whilst the countries came out we were searching the huge world map we have to find the countries represented. Great fun, and a challenging geography lesson.

Then, yesterday afternoon a Thanksgiving Service for my friend David. Christiane sang in the scratch band and the church was packed out. The sound was like a church should sound and David would have perhaps not been suprised but loving the proceedings had he been there. Perhaps he was there in spirit? He certainly made a difference to a great many people’s lives, including mine. I shall miss our Monday evening meetings and now have no excuse to not go to Spartan Training instead!

This morning at church I heard of children who have beds that are soiled and of families who don’t have enough to eat – not in the Romania of old or some third world country but in my home town. Families and individuals that slip through the social security net and the education system does not enable. No home economics these days. I was so moved by this image of poverty under my nose and it is juxtaposed with the Olympics commerciality and £27 million for the Opening Ceremony and a nine or will it be TEN BILLION spend on the Olympics. How do I deal with this?

I heard from one lady who has committed herself over years to helping address this need for urgent help right here. I am inspired to help somehow. So I will.

Mr Cameron I hope your Hunger Summit addresses some of that here at home? So easy to see the trouble elsewhere and miss what is under our noses.

So, with all that swirling around I sit at the piano and improvise in C as the sun dissappears and a storm comes again on this mixed weather day.

Love N

C got some super pictures of the torch coming through town – here’s one of them.

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