I have succeeded in creating a music studio that was fully operational as of yesterday! Yeah… I know I know people do it all the time. But for me, starting from scratch and having to choose the various elements and then fit them together has been a journey. So I am taking a moment to say well done to me. I’m sitting this morning with guitar and piano plugged in and capturing riffs and song ideas whilst developing a system to enable me to build songs from those moments of inspiration. Last night in the soundbooth with the LED lights creating a gentle glow there was a lovely ambience. Now don’t knock it. I once went in a studio and they had put lots of candles in the soundbooth to create the right feel for the artist. I saw a picture on the net of a soundbooth with a purple lit interior which inspired me. Three times I looked at the four little LED lights for £42 at Ikea, eventually I went for them and they are great. I can do purple or turquoise, red etc…

The artist is beng enabled – which is the plan. Now…what’s he going to come up with? Well he did a ‘You and Me’ lyric this morning – so somethings starting to happen.

Love N


THe photo – one from our Canadian adventure. A very old Jukebox.

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