So I am in ‘A Year of Learning’ and I am today altering MySql databases directly as I try to get my 31 domains and 21 sites up and running and linked up! Why so many? Well I have been collecting over a period of time and now I need to get them active or give them up. Great ideas are just that until they become reality… Yesterday I wasted four hours trying to get sites working – “No you don’t do that, you do this.” said my friend when he saw what I had done. But I didd what I was told to do and it didn’t say anything different on screen! One key factor in the chain of development was missing and if you don’t know – nothing tells you. The computer sits and doesn’t work…. I do hate that about the net and I’m not fast enough at either (1) asking for help or (2) getting answers online yet…. Something to learn in this?

Two visits in the last week – (1) from a consumate music man who knows the music industry well and gently steered me towards ice rinks (when he saw my ice rink video on the big screen) rather than the music… until we had chatted in depth and he heard my heart – (2) from a broadcast professional who has an engineering lead saying, “Great achievement for building studio” and ?sad if the equipment isn’t being used.” Arghh – I know I know – get into action and produce… Come on Slater.

So I am fired up to try to get the equipment used – evaluating Premier pro from Adobe instead of Final Cut pro which I have and Server but has been a nightmare. Apple have upgraded Final Cut to X – and whilst some of features look great they still don’t let you drop different footage from different cameras into the timeline and edit – and Adobe do. Mr Adobe has let me download the trial version – playing with After Effects had me skiing with lightning coming out of my head yesterday. Can’t download Final Cut X to evaluate so Apple may loose me – and many others…. Strategic mistake in dissing FCP users guys. You should have FCP X as iMovie Extreme and linked the pro and consumer versions later in my opinion. Ostracising hundreds of thousands of users around the world at present.

But for now back to my SQL database then off to gym to process stress.

Love N

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