I am away from my wife and my sons doing commentary. I was awakened at 1:30 am with a chorus and lyric running in my head. I ‘really’ didn’t want to get out of bed but knew I would loose it if I didn’t get up. GET UP… So I did, and found the words of the chorus there to prompt me this morning.

This lyric then, and the song I hear, is about believing, it is about addressing FEAR DOUBT AND UNBELIEF in the midst of adversity. This is my personal focus as I pray for Jon Freddy Slater to be healed of T13, in the light of everything we see. As I developed the song it has become a Frontier Metaphor for what we face.

I have done so many iterations this morning over four hours as it gently developed… I originally called it ‘Never Stop Believing’ as that is the chorus lead. Songwriting educators and current wisdom on titling a song would say – ‘use the hook as the title.’ But, there is a place called Pumpkin Vine that was born out of this song, a place that has a depth of symbolism and marks a place and time. I see Pumpkin Vine always reminding me and my family of now and being something we can carry into the future. Maybe others can draw from that imagery too? The place we live will be called Pumpkin Vine from now on… So, my heart says, use PUMPKIN VINE as the title, and I listen to my heart.

This lyric is for my wife Christiane – I love you babe – I can hear the song in my head. imagine it soaring as it builds… It is, and I am, inspired by Jon Freddy Slater – Come on my son… and our son Benjamin Tiger Slater. How blesed we are to already have them with us.

Click to see… PUMPKIN VINE


So FRONTIER SPIRIT comes up here… Out of the blue!? It appeals to me. A FRONTIER SPIRIT in a developed world something that lights me up… Gerald Coates founded THE PIONEER CHURCH movement and, as I am based close geographically to where they founded that – in England! – I can see why the name has attractions. You can visit them by clicking on the image here…

Pioneer Churches UK

The metaphor of BEING A PIONEER, A FRONTIERSMAN, in what I see as a somewhat closed down bureaucratic, can’t say this or that fearful and controlled ‘FREE SPEECH’ society (with the corollary that tittle tattle, gossip, aggression, shock and horror in the tabloids is seen as the norm) – ‘Twas ever thus?’ – is where my soul is headed. To dare to put one’s head above the parapet and shout and fight for freedom and righteousness – as you see it.

David Cameron – Why not a referendum on Europe next year? Why not push the issue, cause the debate, and the negotiations and the awareness of the benefits of BEING EUROPEAN to be ignited – ‘for real’ – rather than five years off with – ‘if we get elected?’ Why? Because the PR guys advise? Because it negates UKIP a little? But… David… It’s not full out going for it, and thereby gives your detractors the stick to pummel you with. And… Perhaps, like Barack Obama on his first term of office, you are a decent man and you know the problems of trying to renegotiate: the hurdles to go through, the time it would take, the ‘massive ‘obstacles and perhaps that is what has held you back?

Being strong enough to know there’s a price to pay, that the barbs will come and the mob will bellow… and yet do it anyway… being true to yourself. That’s the challenge that’s being prompted in me this morning…

Love N


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