Have you ever had that time when what you are saying is not quite clear? That time when you say something that’s not correct and find yourself stuck… Darn it I’ve done that – more than once – live on air – over the last two days.

I knew I was in trouble when I thought we were going to  break – I could have sworn I heard it… but we didn’t… But then the worst… it got to the point I was speaking about the people watching the competition and not being able to bring the word ‘spectators’ to mind. The watchers I said!!! Oh my. Apologies to Piper and Paul on your intro by the way…

Hey ho – so this is commentary on The Four Continents Championships and comes directly after Europeans last week for me… Maybe my brain is fried? I’m skated out… Need to regroup… A Guinness – or two – is needed. Someting is needed… Therapy… Was this the start of senior moments? Probably not I’ve been having them since I was about 12…

And pronouncing KREINGKRAIRUT?

And where is that Chris Howarth…? I know I know, you’re freezing in Chicago… It will be warmer for you in Sochi.

Anyway today is the final of the ladies and my last Figure Skating commentary for a while so hope I can get my act together. Do shout prompts at the screen… They are much appreciated.

Love N

FOUR CONTINENTS Ladies Final this afternoon on British Eurosport 2 and Eurosport 2 at 5pm British Time 6pm in Europe

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