I’ve been on an Artist’s Retreat! Humbling to be asked to go as ‘Artist’ and what is a ‘Retreat?’ 

It was fabulous. Great food, hospitality, swimming, sunshine, opening up ideas and hearing from a superb cross section of artistic folk: actors, playwrights, designers/painters, communicators, songwriters/impresarios and producers amongst them. Questions of being artist and having a faith in that place and how that impacts how we are were great to address and I was inspired to write loads.

I was asked to do a presentation of work in progress, which was a challenge. Last time I did that was 2006 and I got shot down in flames… Funny how I remember that. So – I did my offering, some lyrics I wrote on the train down to Isle of Wight (our venue), some music and narration and art from this site.

The idea was to give each other encouragement – and I got that… which was brilliant. I did also get a “You bring me your music and I’ll be brutally honest with you,” from one attendee. Actually I can do without the ‘brutally.’ Sometimes the chrysallis needs to be allowed to become a butterfly – in my humble opinion and experience and perhaps that is why I always go for the audience to be judge rather than the middle person between me and the audience. It is ingrained from my skating days of long ago.  Anyway that was all sorted but it was a moment for me. It was amazing to hear how people interpret work? Everyone has a different frame of reference.

I loved to hear everyone else’s work in progress, huge projects and small projects but all bringing different skills and passions to the table. In particular Nigel and Dick – our hosts provoked in me a sense of the International again. Dick is American, a radio broadcaster amongst other things and it was good to be back in touch with US culture. It was super to see and hear how others address their art and the practicalities of work.

You will no doubt be pleased to know that I did take on the challenge of swimming – it was 60 degrees in the pool first morning – but gentlemen when a beautiful actress dares you to join her in the blue waters – however cold – honour demands a response. I was not found lacking.

Was cream crackered on my return – loads of thoughts to work through and creativity sparked… a superb time.



PS: Odd yesterday when I was driving and had a tune in my head. I was wondering where it has come from – and then I realised that it’s one of mine – and I really love it! Rock n Roll – getting there.



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