My my – facing a big challenge (at least for me) today…

Time to record some vocals for the song I have been working on. Which is turning into an epic production! Nothing like starting on an easy one then Slater?

In 2006 I sent a hopeful (awful) demo to Songwriter, Performer, Producer the lovely Mike Batt. He kindly replied and asked me to not do this anymore! I have hidden away since – working at different aspects of songwriting, music performance and production. Quite recently Christiane, my beautiful wife and trained Jazz and Soul Singer, voiced her only doubt about this road I have been pursuing for the last five years…  “Well you can’t sing.” Another ringing endorsement then. I’ve made a sound booth (well Adrian made it) so that nobody can hear me singing. I read somewhere a singer had practised in a concrete shed at the bottom of his garden to develop his voice so thought I’d do that. The rationale being I can be free to sound like a cat being strangled and not care as no one can hear me.  I reasoned that practise over time would have the cat strangling noises (God willing) turn to luxurious tones…

Today, I’m on my own as C and T are away in Italy for a few days, I have no excuse to not get on. The guide track is ready and bounced to a different project for guidance for the singer… ME!

So it’s time for vocals… and going into the studio to record is… daunting, scary, great – where do I put my head. It’s been a journey, and yet… it’s only singing.

So I’ve been warming up, scales, exercises etc.. Come on just do it…

The song starts fast, has a softer bridge and goes crackers at the end… So if I can’t speak by the end of the day this will be why. I have three days to play before C and T come home.

Nearly twelve noon – maybe it’s time for an early lunch? Another distraction excuse… as this Blog is!

Come on Slater.


PS For those of you that pray – a prayer for freedom and fun in this would be appreciated – Singing to me  is all about freedom… freedom to fall (look a idiot) or fly (and really let go with excellence)… All without a bottle of wine to help! I guess I could be a psychologists dream subject today!!! Cinderella Syndrome being addressed…

Come on Slater….

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