Four weeks off from my Year of Learning – Does that mean I could extend it by thirty days? Ha – I want all the time I can get.  Almost three of those weeks were in Canada on the West Coast – a new place for me. We flew into Calgary, drove down through Revelstoke to Kelowna and then across to Vancouver and on to Vancouver Island, Victoria. A super trip filled with people, huge vistas, information and laughter. From playing a Bechstein in Vancouver to seeing antique juke boxes play it was a fantastic journey. Eagles overhead whilst eating breakfast in the sunshine looking over the lake. My kind of life.

So I will be back into blogging and putting up music and videos shortly or I may keep my head down and just get on learning – we shall see? The technology is still there as a bit of a bugbear (in that it takes time ) I need engineering help, but I’ll get it sorted. Team will be in place one day. Trying to get insurances in place so I can have people in to help! Why is that so difficult in England?

Images of Canada? Four 32GB cards full but haven’t downloaded yet. I wasn’t 100% in being free to backup cards so I missed some shots. I feel I need to go back to take more pictures and fill in the gaps. This was like a Recce in many ways.

It was a joy yesterday to get back into a routine of learning in my studio – some piano and vocals. My fingers remembered how to play the piano. That might sound normal but it always blows me away. When I thought about what to do I’d miss notes at first, no thought and all major scales and 1, 4 5 chords worked by themselves… amazing.  In fact, after awhile, they seemed more relaxed and faster. I created a riff in C Major with my eyes closed just feeling the way the notes worked – great fun.

I’ve had a changed perspective in learning around using my voice?  I see it’s about quality for me right now not range or power. I’ve been going for the former too much methinks. No point being loud if it sounds rubbish! Duh… So I will be looking and listening for tone improvement. That’s my focus in that area. A time out has helped me reflect on work so far and re focus. Useful… I hope.

Good to be back and after a big trip for us and a rich time. Now… get rid of the pancake and maple syrup tummy and get those pecs back in shape! Funny how the muscles and fitness can ease back when I’m not working out almost everyday.

Hope you’re pursuing your dream in some way too. Love N

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