I have had a day of technical. The kind of day that goes by without me feeling I’m achieving. What am I learning? I’m learning that – “Your free support is out of date and it will be £85 per incident to help you, an annual contract will be £1,839 for Final Cut Server.” So Apple Support told me on the phone today. Then you need support for your other Pro Apps too. For example QMaster for your clusters….

Page 46 of the Final Cut Server manual might give a clue to the issue I face with Final Cut Server but UK online support for UK2 is Offline! Hay ho… My email needs SMTP validation. What a techie I can become – this might be the needle in the haystack that is stopping Final Cut Server working.

One programmer, who knows his stuff I spoke to today, said “It can take two days to find the answer to a task that takes 30 seconds to achieve. Go look in the forums first,” was his advice. Indeed. So what do I do here? How can I get a breakthrough? Am I barking up the wrong tree or just barking? Two days to answer a question that takes 30 seconds to fix is not how I wish to be spending my life. I remember when I started this journey people asked “What do you want to achieve?” I was a bit foggy as I didn’t really know what things did and how they related re: complexity and output. Also I was speaking to product retailers who gave me the kit to do the job at pro level – ok sold me the kit. But they forgot to tell me it would take ages to get it to work and cost a lot to maintain it. Being specific helps.

So now I am revisiting, in this intense learning space, key questions: What is my objective? How best can I realise this? What are the priorities?

Undoubtedly I cannot fulfill the potential here as ‘A One Man Army.’  I’ve created a mind map to help me see where I am. NS 25FEB2011 I like to do this. Does it constitute a good use of my time? Not sure? What I see though is that some things are working and that I hear the negatives much louder than they actually are. My stops are in production of visuals and computer management. That’s all really. But it’s been that way for a while now. Actually that’s not true, music used to be stuck but now, apart from Oasys update, it’s OK. I have some great kit and I have broadcast output potential but even I can only do one thing at a time, so much of it lies dormant.

I actually managed to load and activate Final Cut Server myself! But not convinced it will work yet. Can’t get clusters to work or separate server to work. Golly there’s some technical gubbins here. Anyway, more and more I am seeing that I somehow need to get people involved. Reading Dudley Moore’s Biography and hearing how much he did, some great, some not so great, is challenging me. I learn by doing and love ‘Last Minute Dot Com’ to create output. I am in danger of  continuing to hide out here if I don’t get a breakthrough. I once spent six months creating a website that never saw the light of day and I don’t want to have six months getting nowhere here.

So here’s where I think I’m up to….  If you have any feedback or ideas on how I can get a breakthrough I’d love to hear. Other people’s perspectives are always useful.

What’s the next step then Slater? How are you going to get a breakthrough here? How can you get people involved and do just what you should be doing?… That’s the question.

Love N

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