I feel like I am in a race. Whilst I improvise starting to use ‘Broken Chords’ I’ve learnt this week and introduce some minors and diminished chords the pauses are there…. Those… thinking moments – not great but this is how it is for me and to develop a piece and then edit and record takes away from practise time. So my call is to share this as a diary entry. I like some of the tranistion and even though it’s just in C major some of the movement is lovely – to my ears! I listen back and am tempted to take it down again and redo or move on – let’s face it it’s not a professional piece by any stretch of the imagination. But – it is me learning to play and that’s what the journey is about. So I’ll live with it for where I am right now. A one take gently feeling it’s way improvisation…

Piano Improv – 25March2011 by nickyslater

My quandry right now is the tension of doing scales (which I love), learning foundations and producing things… I have a White Feather poem I wrote Wednesday that I am voicing and want to put an underscore too. It took three hours and had a rewrite yesterday. I still wonder about the second to last line. Learning to narate and use less nasal tones – as I was advised way back when I started commentary in 1986! Video takes too long for me at present. Need to get Final Cut Server working so I can get to a faster editing scenario. Some do it so easily – not sure why it’s a bigger deal for me? Apart for the file sizes which are huge and learning to use pro equipment.

The picture is of Richmond Bridge by Christiane. Richmond Ice Rink was alongside it and I skated there for a while. I wooed Christiane in a rowing boat in the summer of 2006 on the Thames there and the very kind gentlemen on the bank heckled me as I tried to look the part of romantic lead as she sat glamourous being rowed along. Great memories. My work payed off guys!

Have a great day. Love N

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