I have been quiet and quietly learning about server technology and editing. I’ve decided to read the books and sometimes not dive in to just trying to do it. To try to ‘understand’ things first. It seems to be helping. A strategy before beginning appears to be needed. Terminology of ‘conduits’ and ‘clip naming conventions’ bring to mind the plumbing aspect of computer data management. It is all a ‘0’ zero and a ‘1’ one binary system of course with no feelings, although sometimes it feels as though it’s got feelings when it doesn’t work. I have slowed myself down to be with the process; seeking to understand where things are sent and dealt with. In the past I would create thousands of files, in the future I will too. The difference being that I plan to be able to find them and for others to be able to work with me on projects to get things done effectively from now on.

So Plumbing is essential, the flow of information the ‘workflow’ as it’s called. I suddenly realised the meaning of ‘flow’ against this yesterday. Ahhh – flowing easily and quickly is better than stuck. I’m aiming for a quick and easy flow to create music and film. So. Where does this go when it’s placed in this folder? The proxies, the check in check out, the master ingest strategy, aperture strategy etc etc. How do they they all plug together? How grand it can sound.

One of the things I love about technology and the internet is that it ensures you get it right. Or it doesn’t work. This appeals to my wanting order in my creative space. In turn this enables me to be very creative, because I know everything is harnessed and can be used, not just a job to sort or loose into a file somewhere from then on.

I’m making good progress. It’s frustrating when a ‘simple’ command does not work and I have to hunt high and low for the answer to the question. ‘Do this’ says the book. There is no button that enables you to do that? You have to know how. A failing I have is that I am determined to find the answer – that the teachers forgot to explain in the first instance ‘Because it’s so obvious to them!’ I can waste hours if I am not careful. I should call someone – but I don’t, why? I don’t know. Partly not wanting to bother people, partly sheer wanting to make it work, partly not wanting to look an idjit I guess. However, understanding the processes in detail is helping me get inside the machines and see linkages and file structuring ‘conventions.’ Ha ha – I do enjoy the technical as well as the creative. I’m being creative designing a workflow – as would a broadcaster or editing team. Great fun.


A tune around A E D and G with a break in B E F D with variations on the base notes came on the guitar yesterday morning and a TV programme format idea and a lyric too on Sunday so juices not entirely stopped. Oh yes and two lyrics coming along nicely. My late father would be pleased I have made two plinths on wheels to move equipment around the studio. Did you know there are different types of castor wheels – I have now purchased some with side brakes rather than top brakes – my I have an exciting life! Had a great moment with Tiger (my son) he helped me paint the plinths and we hung out as i did the daddy build it thing. He went to get his toolbox to help and helped drill into the wood. Brilliant. This is his picture on the left.

I sat in the studio last night trying to get a wedding video I’ve promised working – nearly there – working on proxies – YES! I get excited about the strangest things… and the ambience was good. Getting things sorted for action and production step by step. I like it to feel clean in the studio and uncluttered, like a BMW garage was my vision. Need to get two transport cases made – I’ve designed them (thanks Luke for the head’s up on this). It was great to spend time with Dancing On ice crew and see the possibilities for trucking cases, now I start to create my own touring rig which was always my aim.

Bought some theatre lights yesterday – will be brilliant for green screen and effects – they are great big Strand lights – I will have ten plus some spots – lots of heat and electricity – so will have to watch that but they are REAL theatre lights with heritage – exciting. Need to wire these now and will need a smoke machine. It’s never ending.

Richard Branson book is provoking all sorts of thiughts and ‘Ah ha’ moments. I’m listening to his advice and it’s helping me see the gaps in why I have not moved faster in the past. Maybe I should call more people and ask for help?

But for now it’s back to the plumbing. The picture – the nearest I could get to piping. Christiane’s from Clevedon near Bristol I think. She takes amazing shots.

Love N

PS Putting the days up for a year of learning doesn’t half make me see where the time goes!

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