A couple of weekends of commentary for Eurosport. Last weekend was ‘lots of time’. So was ‘cream crackered’ after three intense days. Sleeping badly in hotel anywhere and missing home.

I had an Indian meal with Simon Reed – my Eurosport Boss on Saturday. It was lovely and fun to reminisce. Back 27 years to a hotel room in Tokyo,  Japan where I caused him to be lost for words. One of the only times in his life I suspect as I re-entered the ITV room after being not allowed to fly home by British Airways – ‘No ticket no fly’ the Japanese desk man’s response to my lack of ticket. I always find it interesting to see people after a year away, which is what happens as the skating season starts again. What have I done in that time? What have they done? I am interested in that order of course and it is a prompt for a moment to reflect. (Thank you Christiane for the picture above.)

So after a weekend away Monday and Tuesday were our weekend at home. Lovely to sit next to my son yesterday reading at our living room table and help him create a book and pictures about Tree Fu Tom. I was reading my new book on Graphic Design Process by Nancy Skolos and Thomas Wedell, which I finished this morning. It is a brilliant insight into the creative process.  I am very much into process engineering and structures so it was timely to find the book in Foyles on the South Bank as I came back via Waterloo. For anyone interested in creating things it’s a valuable book. I also found a beautiful little book on Counter Point which looks a gem.

So back into my studio this morning and a piano melody comes straight away tinkering in C. I now turn on record as soon as I start to play and five days away from the keys prompts a renewing of that relationship. The muse struck on Sunday as I walked home through the rain alone and I wrote a ‘Hello Again’ poem on Sunday night as the ‘you’re alone’ voice came to call. All part of ‘The Journey’ methinks.

Eurosport again this weekend with Chris (Howarth). It will be good to see him again.

So I reflect on the journey today and – as happens to me – my synapses have been stirred by imagery, work, learning, input from ‘My Bottom Line’ on the iPlayer and being home again.

Come on Slater, get on now… back to it.



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