REWIRE… DAY 313 (52)

I met a man called John Kennet yesterday and again this morning. John is a Peformance Coach I first met when he was working with Donal McIntyre on Dancing On Ice. You may remember Donal went from not being able to skate to finishing second to Ray Quinn in that particular year. An absolutely brilliant achievement making him the most improved skater I’d ever seen on DOI.

John and I have spoken for a while about the possibility of meeting and we have finally managed it.

I am looking to be free to perform at my best and to rid myself of hang ups that might / do hold me back. This year has shown me different ways to operate so building on that and learning of and experiencing John’s work could be another useful step?

Well we took our first step together this morning and I am convinced that John does have a fabulous ability to free people up to perform. Techniques that link together things I have touched on in the past allied to his own experiences provide a mix that is rich and I feel could really work for me.

We’ve just had one session but, from what I’ve experienced, this could be a key part of my taking the Lid off the Box and flying in what I am developing… Proof of the Pudding is in the eating and, more importantly my Actions Speak Louder than all the words in the world so how I put into practise the initial guidance I’ve received will be a test for me. But I am encouraged and excited about the possibilities that open up with a new view on things I face.

The picture shows my view of the Winter Olympics I skated in way back in 1980 in Lake Placid. I had a torrid time there behind the scenes for a lot of that competition as I did in Sajevo four years later. John’s work today is helping me revisit times like these and enabling me to change my view of them. To be more appreciative of what I actually did with less focus on the negatives that are often louder.

This, I am sure will give me more freedom to move forward whilst being able to draw on many of the rich experiences I have had, rather them blocking them out. Fascinating how this can be done…

Nothing is wasted – apparently – and I have had a varied background to draw on which is actually a great asset. I just need to have my synapses rewired to get this… which is a part of the process of John’s coaching! Great stuff…

And my words the guy’s good at his job. Check him out…

Now – back to commentary preparation.





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