When I was being brought up I had a number of nannies. My mother and father taughter ice skating and worked at unsocial hours so these ladies and in latter years and Oh Pear! how do you spell that? cared for me. This included coming out to drag me off the roof of the shops as I played there with my friends. I fondly remember Mrs Westnott. She was wonderful, never moaning as she came out to find me and never chastening me if I was late for bed. She was super. One thing that will always remain with me was ‘You need a routine Nicky.’ She spoke this as she was cleaning the blinds in 35 Parr Lane and I can see here there now. I was interested to know why she did things at a certain time.

Well today Day 121 into my Year of Learning I am getting back into a routine. One that has been broken by trips abroad and around the country and… I love it. The studio is feeling lighter as much is being thrown out of packaging and things that are not needed, another level to go yet but it’s better and – apart from the server technology – I have stuff working. It’s taken ages and I regret no purchases, even though some things are being superseeded, everything I have can be used for us over the next five years.

My goals are to (1) create a space for the artist to learn and grow (2) to be ‘artist’ in that space and (3) produce from it… I’m into (2) apart from some technology issues. It’s being Producer to Facilitate Artist then being artist to facilitate Producer – different hats and head spaces.

Onward then… Love N

THe photo? – One of 3,000 we took on our Canadian trip! Dawn in Revelstoke.

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