Shift work from Japan – NHK TROPHY

Just finished commentary on the Gala from NHK Trophy in Japan. Three and a half hours live, bit shattered and wondering what time day it is? I’m getting to see dawns on this Eurosport stint though – so that’s a bonus!

Yesterday it was a mega Pairs Long, Ladies Long, Mens Short extravaganza and I was in at 2:45am to start at 5am – finished at 11.45 and had my steak and Guinness in front of me by 12:15 at pub across the road. Funny old life.

Enjoyed the skating immensely but not the sleep deprevation. Wonder how many words over the two days on air I’ve spoken? Too many some one out there says but hey – there is a ,lot to speak about it’s been a dramatic competition in my eyes. My voice was deeper and disappearing last night. Thank goodness it’s still there today.

My ego was telling me that I must be getting better to be doing this on my own then reality speaks and says “Well no Slater, no one else wants to get up so early so you get the job!” Ha ha, in any case it has been fun and demanding in any case…

One more show to go the Men’s Long which comes after the Gala I have just done which of course was skated after the competition was finished. So I now have to go back in time to catch up to what I have already commentated on live?! What day, time is it?

Maybe I shouldn’t have said ‘this afternoon’ during the gala as it was skated in the evening in Japan and is the morning here! I am programmed that the gala is ‘in the afternoon’ at Europeans and Worlds and in my time shifted state I think that’s what came out!!!

I need a coffee.

A beautiful Sunday, hope you’re having a good one.



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