So here I am. In Heathrow Cottages – run by Alan and Katrina. It is one of my home from homes in London. They have a new dog ‘Sammy’ who eats everything and who I knocked on the nose tonight because he licked my cheese! The cheese that I was eating with my Pinot Noir! Does that make me a bad person… Well he needs to know who’s boss, but he’s confused as they get so many guests….

Anyway this evening of my life was spent was commentating on Pair Skating – European Championships – we should have been there – in some ways we were – but grown men sat facing a TV screen giving comments is a bizzare way make a crust but is cost effective friom a Media owners standpoint. Somehow though we do relate to the action.

And –  I have joined up to support a news organisation – THE GUARDIAN. Paid my annual subscription. It’s a Rubicon crossed. Why? Is this significant? Well yes.

Because? Well, I value ‘Independent News,’ I value journalism, I think it is a valuable service in our society that calls people to account that rule us and also provides me entertainment, information and insight on the World I live in. It is of value and therefore I CHOOSE to pay for it.

So what? … Well – there is something in the CHOOSING TO PAY FOR IT. Maybe I can / we can all rebel from taking things for free and value what is created and then maybe – in the future – what we cerate, what I create can give value to someone in the world in a way they can pay for it too – even though they don’t have to because they can get it for nothing.

It’s a choice – to support what I value. Democratic. Freeing. Powerful.

Somehow – choosing to pay for something, when you don’t have to is a liberating experience. it;s not charity, there is a transaction. Hmmmm – a brave new World?…

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