I am reading the UCB ‘ Word for the Day.’ It’s great as it pops into my email each morning. I don’t read my bible much – read everything else – which I want to change but the UCB is challenging and I often cut out the text and highlight the bible verses.

Today it’s …”give without expecting a return!’ (It’s in Luke’s gospel 6:35) Well there’s a lot in that, particularly for me as I struggle with putting a business plan together against what I am doing. Not a struggle from the technical point of view, I know the structure of a business plan. My issue is to get to a place of  coming from delivering a great  service that will have value for folk.  From this to believe I will, with freedom and integrity, earn money to pay suppliers, the government (!) and to pay me so I can support my family and give back to the world. Oh yes and to buy or lease a Black Bentley with beige leather seats…. Lord help me!

I am looking at the business of music and the fact that piracy is a huge issue and this affects me as I plan to be based from the internet for music, film publications etc.. So what’s coming up for me is to – and this may be naive and may not work – get to a place of trusting that people will actually pay for a service they value in the knowledge this is supporting your work.  I am so conditioned by the – ‘Nah! they’ll take it and leave you nothing’ that this is a challenge – you naive fool a little voice screams at me. Or is that the wisdom and pragmatic tone of my banking brother?  And yet I read …give away without expecting a return. Urr.. Ok Then, put a track on iTunes and find it’s ripped , everywhere for free and you earn nothing from it! (Providing someone wants to listen to it in the first place!) Well so what… Well it won’t pay the gas bill ( we keep getting gas demands but we don’t have gas!) The music industry, tv industry and entrtainment business as a whole are business entities – my quest is to see how my grandiose vision and ‘Start Up’ reality can become a business in this internet and surrounding space? In the meantime silence in heaven said hello…

There’s a Silence in Heaven was a line waiting to grow and today’s reading prompted this lyric / poemesque piece SILENCE IN HEAVEN

No pictures of daffodils on file yet from Christiane but a beautiful flower depicting spring instead.

Love N

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