We have had time away. Time with family, time with friends and a few days ski-ing thrown in. A rich time and, as we do, once on the road Family Slater were away for a while.

The picture is of Micha, yours truly, Frank and Tabea on our way up a mountain in Austria. I got some fun pictures, including ski-ing down a Black Run in glorious sunshine, and it was super to spend time with Family Kramer. I am still the slowest of our gathering but Micha watch out next year! My son leanred to ski- which I can see will cost me a fortune in the future and we went ice skating which was wonderful – apart from the last little bit when the poor chap was exhausted.

Now back to it. I am ‘Being Producer’ six main projects to complete before becomming ‘Artist Me’ full on. I have however been writing and some lyrics and songs have come along inspired by a purchase for one of the characters I am developing. I also had a song turn up yesterday morning and say hello.  I love it’s structure.

Coffee shop sojurn this morning to Mind Map ‘What’s Next’ and where I’m up to on the master plan? Getting there but still loads to do… It’s like a never ending race!!! Nothing like a purpose to spur a chap on.

So a strategy on data storage and Raid Drive re-set to come. Technical, technical… One day I will have an Engineer or two working with me and how wonderful that will be…. So for now stop moaning and just DO THE WORK Slater…  At least I’m not bored.

Love N

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