A song – SO FAR – has appeared for me on my songwriting journey. It’s a Rock Song which has drive and excites me in it’s structure and lyrics… I think it could be inspiring for people aon their journeys. It is on mine…

Last night, as Christiane watched The Voice with headphones on, I put my headphones on from our other computer and laid in some drums on Logic. I then had fun picking the drummer and working on a guitar chord structure. I have a guitar chord structure book and had been playing with an E Minor progression in that. Funny how things start to come together. Gently, gently the guitar and drums knitted together over the evening… Lovely.

I had no lyrics for the guitar song but thought I’d try the So FAR lyrics I’d written when I woke this morning. So, six am, I was back on the track and chiselling away at the lyrics to see how they would fit. I love the metaphor of the sculptor who has the rock and chips away to reveal the statue – that’s exactly how it is for me with a song and I love the process.

Now verse and pre chorus and lyrics are all done. Bridge lyrics are there – just need to create something of contrast in the midst of this driving rock song… A job for a Monday morning then?

Oh yes and I learned how to go from G to B7 faster on the guitar… Need to do that for this song for whilst all the chords are in basic positions they are quick on the turnarounds! Rock n Roll.

Have a great day.



  • tease-and-stocking

  • tease-and-denial

  • sissification

  • my-princess-goddess

  • mesmerize

  • jerkoff-instruction

  • humiliation

  • handjob

  • foot-fetish

  • female-domination

  • dirty-talk

  • cum-eating-instruction

  • chastity

  • ass-worship