I have just been for a singing lesson. The guy was lovely, ears like a bat. “What do you want to get from today?” Well I went to get top C my response.  However that may be awhile off as I got a surprise.

“Speak don’t sing. Use your speaking voice it has resonance and is who you are.” So, all this imitating others then. Learning the tenor way. “I don’t know if you are a tenor yet and mimicking others will only get you so far. You have  resonant voice – it’s your voice so use that.” Oh my goodness.

There were times in my hour lesson when I felt I was naturally making a bigger sound by taking my speaking voice and letting it go at a higher pitch – “That’s it.” said my coach in a ‘wow’ moment. Strange but it felt easy and natural, no artificial sounds added. But… aghhh…. how to maintain, capture that, do that?  “Your perception of singing is flawed, that’s all. Work on your middle range a bit.” He was very kind about my pitching which is always a little after the fact at present but I’ll get there, one day. Perhaps he was taking one thing at a time? Or perhaps I’m being a bit hard on me there.

Encouraging says Christiane when I give feedback this lunchtime. “Maybe you should just do your own songs and sing them your way.” And she did gently remind me she had spoke to me about speaking singing a long while back…. She never says I told you so though. “Just let you be you, your voice is worth listening to. You don’t have to sound like somebody else. You are enough.” She added just now – wow I love my lady.

So the inside of my head feels a bit like this flower looks – a little fried. Perhaps my speaking voice sounded quite resonant because I’d been singing for two hours before I went to the lesson? Whatever it is it’s a head shift to take on today. And when I started this journey I thought I could just sing. Well it sounded OK to me!!! Perhaps not so to others at the time though.

So what’s next? Well maybe it is time to give up learning exercises and gaining a range and start to work on my songs. Time passes and it would be fun to have a lesson on how to sing my songs at some point in the future… Synapses in process…. Brain like the flower!




PS PICTURE:  Picture is Christiane’s from our latest Suffolk walk. She has a brilliant eye.

PPS Would everyone who is now sending me Safaro holiday emails after my last email and my header talking about Safaris please desist. COuld be worse I suppose!


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