Steve & Chrissie’s Wedding – SUCCESS!

You know when you say you will do something, and then somehow it doesn’t get quite finished? Maybe you don’t. Anyway, my promise was that I would use a baby hand held VADO camara to do a video for Steve and Chrissie’s wedding. I’d never done it before so thought – I’ll give it a go. They can then take the data and make a video from it – easy! All done in a day.

I did the shoot on the day, burnt it onto memory sticks in the car at the reception, and gave  them these as our wedding present. But they couldn’t read them so sent them back to me. I couldn’t read them either? I had forgotten I needed a Perian plug in! So they sat and nothing happened.

Almost two years I have taken on making the wedding video including the edit and burning the disc with a pretty menu. Final Cut rough cut created two hours of footage. Export to DVD Pro took seven hours! Eventually took rough edit into iMovie on a separate export and found that part of the audio hadn’t copied over… Why? It’s fine on main files. So had to redo. Learning how to overlay and edit in the audio. Then had to redo chapter edits in iMOvie as it didn’t see those exported from Final Cut pro – even though it says it will. Everything is an extra little point to learn. Then – the overall file is too big to burn onto a DVD!  Apparently need a dual layer DVD or a Blu Ray. Anyway somehow managed to get 5.5GB of data on a DVD that only takes 4.7GB – magic!  Hooray! It work’s on C’s laptop but then tested on mine and it won’t read. Why?

I am learning not to get angry when things don’t work but it is draining somehow. I have the DVD working on C’s machine menu’s work layers of titling works backgroud music and eveything works. But will it work on Chrissie’s machine? We will have to see. And then she will need the files to edit it down. Goodness it takes time…

I suppose that’s what comes up for me as I work in technoology mode. For me, it seems to take a lot of time. The opportunity is lost to be learning and being creative when I am in this mode and I feel – and feelings are not something that should govern me here – drained and a bit down. It becomes frustrating. I think it’s because I know this should not take so much time and that others can do it. My main giftings are in the performance and creative areas – I know I should be on those full time. But… well trying to create a delivery platform for me as Artist.

Normally I’d come off the techical journey and not complete it. This year I’m looking to nail the production areas, God Willing, so as to enable the Creative Artist (me) to deliver much much faster than I am right now!

Chrissie and Steve the DVD is in the post today. SUCCESS! A fun record of a great day filled with love. I will send the basic file later.

Love Nicky


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