I have just finished, this morning, the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

I have found it to be a powerful, moving, honest, roller coaster of a read. It leaves me reflecting on all the imagery, experiences and history of one man’s journey and how, with those around him he has changed my world. A brilliant man in many ways, a deeply flawed man in some ways, a passionate man who was forever pushing to bring ‘something awesome’ to us through Apple and, in a slightly different way as more business, less creative involvement, through Pixar.

It is something for me to process as I sit here writing on my wife’s MacBook Pro linked by an Apple Airport Extreme to the Internet. I reflect that next today I’ll be working on ‘external software’ (this being outside of the Apple Gated Garden) to re-stripe a Raid drive, something I have never done. It will take me time and learning and is daunting so I’m putting it off by writing a blog!

Resetting your password will not affect your data. Really? Everything is backed up twice and I have a backup strategy and work-flow design I’ve researched and created. You don’t have your access codes? – No because they were installed by the supplier who didn’t give me them to me. I predict this to be be part of my day.  Not how Apple’s Steve Jobs would want it – ‘Why should he be wasting his time and energy on that,’ I imagine him saying. Indeed. I could be in Nice watching the World Figure Skating Championship. But this work is necessary and would cost me a load to get it done by ‘someone who knows how.’ So I do it.

So what can I do to make a difference to what I’m doing, and being, as I pursue my vision? A vision of bringing things of value to the world through daring to create and put things out there through a company I am building. Something I work daily on to grow to reality. How can I give up the things that hold me back and be freer, faster? These are worthy things to work on and think on and I am blessed with HAVING PURPOSE. For much of my life I have been searching for this. My ‘endeavour’ is prompted and challenged by the achievements of those that have done great things. Steve Jobs is one of those.

He allowed the biographer to have free reign in what he wrote. This has paid off. It is a work superbly and sensitively done. The tone could have been harsher and yet Isaacson maintains a balance in the reality of the man’s contradictions. I want book two that would delve deeper, give me more insights. It is that good. Buy it, read it.

So thank you to Kim and Mo for the book as part of my Christmas Present. It has been a deep experience reading it. I shall read it again.

Go get the book.

Love N

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