I was shocked to hear this morning that Steve Jobs had lost his battle with cancer. As I sat and looked at the front page of the Apple website my wife Christiane came over and I saw tears in her eyes, so we held each other and I cried too. A man has died whose life had touched us somehow.

I remember using my very first MacIntosh. The page numbers fitted on the proper place when printed out from the Mac printer. Of course? Well  no other printers I’d tried did this. If I’d kept that printer it would probably work today it was not built for obsolescence. The mouse worked naturally and I networked my house with Macs to run a Skateathon for Cystic Fibrosis. We launched the event on Blue Peter with a distribution centre out of my garage. Everything abou the Mac using hyoercard – which became Filemaker – just worked. I have been a Mac man ever since. Today the Apple logo that I read somewhere Steve’s training in calligraphy enabled him to create is evident throughout my house and studio.

I’ve followed everything and marvelled at the showman, game-changing leader who unleashed the creativity of Jonathan Ives (Head of Design) along with delivering, again and again through a powerful team at Apple, at Next and at Pixar. The courage and character to change the world’s music industry model along the way. We love Cars, Monsters Inc and Toy Story. The daring of giving John Lassiter his head and keeping on backing his vision has delivered dividends.

When I was courting a certain young lady I was able to give advice on her choice of Apple Computer and help develop it’s use for her. I am sure it was one of the factors that eventually had her agree to marry me! I am still technical director for all things Mac and every other bit of kit in our household. I moan sometimes but I love it really.

I did not know this man and yet I will miss a truly great man and we feel for his family at this time.

Thank you Steve for what you brought to me and to my family.


Nicky Slater

The picture is a screengrab from the Apple website,, I hope, in the circumstances, it’s OK to use it.

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