WHY NOT PLAY MUSIC – CLICK ARROW BELOW – AND READ BLOG? … Suddenly I’m stressed out. Didn’t sleep much last night and tiredness comes in the wake of the stress – psyhco insomniatic (I made that up!)…

Possibility of shows in December – create and perform is on the agenda – have theme set by end April! I can see this but I won’t be learning I’ll be producing – my stomach churns over at the loss of time taken from focusing on learning but the need to earn is a driver… Business possibilities coming up…. Finding doing a business plan for what I’m creating with music a challenge… so much potential but different business areas for me. People offering to help and me not being able to deliver! Business needs the left side of my brain without the artist – emotion out of the way helps me be pragmatic – BUT I am ‘Being Artist’ not businessman! Result = STRESS!!!… And we have agreed I am taking a year off. So what’s going on? Ok hold on here, you should be enjoying the journey, slow down, take a breath, no one died, see the flowers etc etc…

The good points… I built some Ikea shelves and a table and chair for my son yesterday and his bedroom is transformed. Loads of spaces for his toys and books and his keyboard is under the window. Every morning he asks to come out of his room. This morning I hear him and pop in. He is sat at his new table, new light on, inventing a game chuntering away and reading. Pleased as punch with himslef. Brilliant. Add up the pluses in my life and I have so many blessings. But… I get pulled into trying to produce, to generate income… difficult to just relax and ‘be in the learning.’ Oh and I have the possibility of a coach for my year coming on board. That would be great. I could do with some coaching right now. So something to learn in “Daring to just be learning” perhaps? Because this morning I am loosing time stressed out. Getting nowhere.

13March2011Stress-Less by nickyslater

And, as I am at the keyboard, I play with a baby motif that is starting out and share it with you. It’s played with the Grand Piano turned on which is beautiful in tone and is in D. The picture is one of Christiane’s of course. I need to de-stress. Music helps – off for a coffee (running away?) and a deep breath looking out over the boats in the Marina. That’s my view above. Lunch -Then… back to it…

Love N

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