I’ve set myself a goal of ‘STUDIO READY’ by 30th April. This has been a big project for me lasting over three years plus so far. So getting to a conclusion will be a milestone. I think of this work as being done by PRODUCER ME.

The goal is to then put ARTIST ME in the studio so I can play and create. Yes I do have a split personality – it seems to help!

My, if I had known how much was involved when I started I would not have taken this journey. I would have seen: too expensive, too difficult and takes too long as my excuses. But, I didn’t know so here I am. Naivety can be an advantage. Discuss.

I have been going for it and making great strides but… I’ve hit a wall. Partly caused after a weekend of a London party with explosive cocktails followed by sleep deprivation and time with new friends. Ok a touch self inflicted but partly due to being cream crackered.

Maybe too I don’t want to finish it? Cinderella Syndrome my friend Nic will say. Where firstly, you don’t want it to not need you and secondly, you will have to be producing stuff once there are no excuses remaining. Arghhh, that may be a part of it. Yes I could be cracking up but at least I have some self awareness of this as things progress?

So it’s the final climb to a plateau half way up this mountain I have been climbing and it’s involved some big choices. Bite the bullet and get on being my way – after pondering for a day or so in the land of ‘Oh my goodness – how much?’

Deep breath then, take a moment then onwards. But no picture for this blog?


I’m reading a book ‘The Element’ – by Ken Robinson that Christiane bought me for my birthday. He gave a talk that inspired a famous artist to work for a month developing two canvasses for him. These were to depict the content of his presentation. Ken describes the works as simple at first but multi layered, the more you look the more you see in them.

Inspired by that I created a layered ‘Keep Going’ picture. It adds to the lyric and piano piece that have been created today. Perhaps I am starting to be ARTIST then already.

Come on Slater – last push for ‘STUDIO READY…’

Love N

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