Ta Dah or Just like that – as the Great Tommy Cooper would say. I have to think up a way of linking the great pictures Christiane has taken to the content!

It is day 34 of my ‘YEAR OF LEARNING” and I’ve just had some fun ‘in C’ with a piano improv.You can hear it by pushing the red arrow here. Wish I’d plugged in the Grand Piano on the Oasys as the sounds are so much richer, but still this will do for now.

Interesting to hear it come out of the computer rather than as I play it. YES PURISTS I AM PLONKING AWAY WITH GUSTO AND INEXACTITUDE… but I still love the fact that some it works! Part of me is tempted to take it down and redo but – this is reality… I can do it better I’m sure but that’s for next time… I did this in one take and so – as I listen I hear areas that …. hang… as I think and search for… what’s next… The result is the flow is not completely as I want but still… This is me playing – yahhhh! So please bear with me – I am learning….

I think I’m getting better. Must be the scales I keep doing? I had wanted to share some music after a full week of learning so discovering Soundcloud and just noodling away has been a way of doing that today. In the past I would wait until i think things are perfect – you would never hear anything. At least this way i feel I’m sharing the journey – the whole point of this blog.

And as disasters strike and I’m moved by Lenny and Angela Rippon on the Comic Relief program last night I’m in a space of wondering how to contribute to the wider world. God willing with what I’m learning I’ll be able to at some point. I’ve had a time without Dancing On Ice being in my head this year. What I’m doing would not be happening, in the way that it is had I been there. Funny how not being hidebound by contracts and head filled with angst can make a difference.

Love n

12March2011 by nickyslater

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