Tech Hell but song coming in spite of it all…


THE JOURNEY – I am finding that trying to Blog the Journey gives me some kind of strange accountability. It is as though – you – that look in to see what’s going on deserve to see something? So it’s 12.30 pm and I’m formatting a video to get something up from today – that’s now yesterday.

Somehow the publishing of progress is good for my soul. It may be mad from a business perspective, I’m not so sure. Those that wish to take things for nothing will anyway I suppose twas ever thus. But, if one person is entertained, intrigued or has a smile from what I do everyday then that’s good enough for me. For ages what I have written and produced has sit in a file on the computer – hundreds of ideas, lyrics, songs and show ideas. Now, with little steps I am starting to share with the world.

TECH HELL THIS WEEK – Raid drive password not letting me in! Final Cut Server not letting me in. Oasys keyboard Combinations all gone potty so will have to re-install system! Card in video camera said – wrong formatting can’t use! Thankfully got this to reformat in the camera – phew, one thing sorted. But, like buses these issues come all at once. Hey ho – it does make me cross with me though. Should I be spending my life chasing after the technical? I quite like it but I would love someone to sort it for me.

I am realising as I try to recount the journey how much time is spent / eaten up on these areas for me. Not the best thing for me to be doing. Formulating a plan to see if I can recruit help from the internet community? Being a One Man Army is noble and I suppose you could think it impressive but I seeing more and more that I need help… The cable picture. Well I’m trying to create a better backdrop for video snippets so have been sorting cable runs. It’s being creative in a different area. I am a ‘reusable’ cable tie junkie!

THE GOOD NEWS – Wrote two lyrics today. One is great fun about a cowboy inspired  by a Jimmy Web story.

Also developed the melody that said hello on Monday. Very exciting for me as it starts to grow. I’m still improvising around it but, when I see and hear myself play I’m amazed that it’s me. You might not be impressed but I couldn’t play like this in the recent past. My scales work is starting to pay off. Brilliant. Well brilliant for me anyway.

Got back at 1.30am from Jmmy Webb concert. It was really enjoyable but more so because I had time with my friend Pat and Dave Fitzgerald. Another blog for this – tomorrow. Errr no today – well that’s the plan.Tiger woke me at 6.20am! I slept through Octonauts – he’s a wizard with the iplayer. Not bad for a nearly three year old.

Worked out full on a the gym tonight partnered with Daniel – he works hard – love that – a bit of competition – one hour and most of stress gone.


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