ON Tour with Dancing On Ice – In Sheffield.

Tuesday, I went out for dinner with Christiane and Tiger. Lovely steak and bernaise sauce, my favourite and a bottle of Merlot I shared with C. Back into the hotel, relaxed on that sunny evening and still only 7:30pm. Some of the Dancing On Ice team sat in the bar of our hotel. “You can stay here if you want.” Says Christiane. So I did.

On the table before us was some sparkly stuff, so I bought a bottle to contribute – Proscetto I think. Anyway… for some reason I thought it would be good to have a round of Tequila shots. So Kyran, Andy, Suzanne, Matt and myself had one… And it was lovely. Especially after the wine, and Slater hit a roll. Four more Tequilas followed in quick succession and then Phil (pyro) arrived and another Tequila turned up.

I was by then negotiating for a bottle of tequila with our Bar Manager – apparently there are 36 shots in a bottle and at maybe £5 each! He offered it at £75 but I thought I had him down to £50 for the bottle when Andy Collins rescued me by taking over the negotiation and somehow the bottle never arrived. Probably a very good thing as we all would have been very clobbered the next day. Amazing how good a negotiator I thought I was after red wine and six tequila shots!

OK so I don’t get out much and a little Rock and Roll kicked in! Ha… Next thing I knew everyone had left…  And my bar bill? £102 – ONE HUNDRED AND TWO POUNDS!!! Crikey.

Christiane asked how I was when I returned to our room. “Fine.” I answered. “You were swaying a bit when you answered,” was her comment next morning.

I must thank all my Russian and East German friends for their training in Vodka and Snaps drinking from the past.. and Andy for saving what could have been a disastrous evening of merriment…

So last night my school friend Richard and his daughter came back and we went to the pub around the corner – drinks and Pork scratching for £7.79 and a coffee in the hotel £3.21. Back to reality. Wonder what we could have got for £102 in the pub?

Back on the wagon for me methinks otherwise, what with Starbucks Coffees and Hotel Bar Bills it will be costing me to be here!

This touring life can be very expensive.

Love N

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