As the media frenzy, like jackals scenting blood, grows ever more in it’s demand for an overhaul of the BBC we watch ‘The Paradise’ this evening. It is ‘perhaps’ the climax of Series 1 at Episode 8. I am holding my wine glass so tight in my right hand it might break whilst holding Christiane’s hand with my left and shouting ‘come on’ to John Moray.

Glorious drama coming out of our ‘free’ iPlayer! The image shown is the culmination of the story so far….

To all those in ‘the media village’ (that is ‘naturally’ so important to those that are in it) I suggest that the BBC is nowhere near the brink of demise or disaster that a couple of notable incidents may be ‘sexed up’ to suggest. I know the reporting of such is in the public interest but the sport of ‘Resign Resign’ – ‘Enquiry enquiry’ is out of proportion to the scale of the issue – in my humble opinion.

If you have not watched ‘The Paradise’ then please do and then, like me, thank the BBC for enabling and broadcasting ‘A Masterpiece Production.’

Golly… it is absolutely brilliant – good old, and new, BEEB.

Love N

Image © 2012 BBC / Masterpiece Productions

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