I’ve just had my second shock in two days.

THE DONALD won. Of course he did. It’s Brexit 2 and Hilary had no chance. It’s about rebelling against the system. So now we have a President Elect who has never held any office and is a contradiction – at best – on many topics and has been a star of The Reality TV Show that became The US Presidential Election.

FIRST DIRECT lowered their prices!!!

An International transfer was £25 and is now £4!

Woah, so hold on a minute. Banks, to me, often charge their rates – because they can. But here is a Bank lowering, substantially, a service charge that it knows people just accept.

The young lady I spoke to at FD said “I’m so happy to be able to give people good news.” Indeed.

So I am reminded that FIRST DIRECT IS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I GET ON THE PLANET CONSISTANTLY AND I WANTED TO BANG A DRUM FOR THEM.  Why? Because this service does not happen by accident. Since it’s beginning the speed of response and quality of service has been consistently excllent. So a well done is deserved.

Compare this service with: trying to change internet providers, dealing with utilities, changing your mobile company, your overall entertainment package… and this is heaven.

And I get paid nothing for this by the way – but I am reminded of why I want to stay with this bank in the UK and I wanted to say a public thank you.

As I look to create a new business I am reminded that Customer Referral is powerful as a marketing tool. And here you have it. I champion this service because it is brilliant for me. An example to emulate.

What is FIRST DIRECT? The service is telephone banking. It’s superb. Why?


  • I do transactions quickly, effectively and easily from anywhere in the world.
  • they are polite, have good security and even with having to repeat compliance text seem to make it more personable
  • I get through straight away almost every time 24/7 365 days a year. My longest wait is 4 minutes for International and I am told before hand how long it will be and they offer me a free call back if this is not acceptable
  • there is no branch to go to – so I save a huge amount of time
  • of course the online system works well – I’d add some memory points for me if I was there to have it remember how I want things downloaded
  • so using my bank in this way makes me feel good!

So today I saved £21… And First Direct have earnt this man’s continued support.

Love N

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