I have a wedding video to produce – it is well over two years overdue!! My issue has been rendering the footage and making it a priority. The guy that did a wedding video for us took over a year to deliver it. Now I see why.  I also have my “Lost up a mountain could have died ski-ing video” to make but rendering is getting in the way there too. So I have bought the Final Cut Server training book and the Mac OsX training book to enable me get on and to utilise the software I’ve invested in, which appears to be pretty complicated.

I was making good progress with Final Cut Server this evening when it said – ‘You need to name Compressor’ on the computer screen – and the book just doesn’t cover that – they left a line out I think. Nothing about it in indexes or contents! Hmmm and it influences proxy editing which is why I have Final Cut Server in the first place. Proxies are small little files of video that you can edit quickly then re-attach them to their daddy files for rendering later on when you’re asleep and the computer chugs away all night sorting it for you. Rather than you sitting there with a coffee waiting for it to sort through files, at least that’s the sales blurb. (Ok the daddy files bit isn’t but you get the gist I hope. They’d need to call it something posh – Masters and proxies.)

So I need to learn about: distributed processing, QMaster, Compressor and Mac OsX Server integrating into Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server and Shake. Oh yes and the midi drivers are interfering with my Oasys so need to learn about that area too and reinstall mixer drivers and Oasys separately.

What’s brilliant in the books I have is when the tutorials take you through things with the enclosed DVD step by step. When they work £30 per book is then an investment. What’s a pain and takes the time is when there’s a gap… and I then spend hours looking for that darn needle in the haystack of a solution that could take 1 minute to fix or less. I’m sure people do it the world over. I find it the worst type of stress.

So this will be a big hurdle to overcome. I’ves been stuck here a while in this blocked state and I need to sort it – THE BIG PUSH – is on then to get all this done. It will stress me out as I always feel I’m not getting anywhere and I have to change my head to be techie instead of learning as Artist. But… it would be great to have everything working and be free to create video quickly and add effects alongside the music. Someone would charge me £1,000 day for what I’m trying to do. They would probably do it a lot quicker than me though….

Techie time to come.  Ha ha and how my world is different without Dancing on ice in it – the final tomorrow – must watch. Just saw a snippet – odd to just see it cold – a Guinness and some skating tomorrow evening then… A little bit of light heartedness away from techie stuff….  Love N

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