That expression Oh My God or OMG has for me been seen as an artificial expression particularly I find amongst some younger females I have observed. Yet, with less than 24 hours before the start of my first HELLRUNNER for Families in Need in Ipswich it seems apposite. It may be in the mind but I now have a bad cough, a cold, my toe is hurting after running and training last night and the hope that a flood alert stops the event tomorrow dawns…

Last night at Spartan Training I was hearing about three of our guys doing a ten mile run – the leader doing 6 1/2 minute miles. I part joked about getting my hair cut to lighten the weight I was carrying for the event. “Oh yes we all do” said Adrian, “Always a new haircut before a big event.” So I am shorn and did consider adding a touch of darker colour that would have helped me run faster too perhaps?

I have invested in a skin tight top, apparently it loses water quicker when you’ve come out of the Bog of Doom. “I’d wear something over it,” commented Christiane as a figure huning black clad man modelled for her. But then I’ll be too hot I reasoned. My plan, currently – as I couldn’t find any cheapish black running shorts to cover the bottom skin tight attire – is to just be wearing the skin stuff. If anybody wants to look closely they won’t be concentrating on the race and – let’s be honest -it will be too cold for any untowards to be on display anyway! However tight the lycra. I may resemble a man clad in a black condom but when there are 5,000 others wearing allsorts I don’t think anyone will care!

I’ve bought some dextrose’s, pro life cafeine pills, cough sweets and I’m considering a tot of port to help me on my way tomorrow but all will fade away at 10.50 my start time.

My gym colleagues are all off at ten am and reliably inform me that, by the time we start, the mud will have been enhanced by the feet of hundreds of people running through it. Lovely to know that. Thanks.

So as you may be preparing for a nice relaxing weekend perhaps give a thought to my brother and I running through the mud, over the obstacles, up the steep steep hills and through the lovely muddy water up our necks.

“You will enjoy it – afterwards…” I keep hearing. “The first time  just enjoy it,” said my running trainer Steve, “After that you’re always thinking about going just a bit faster.”

As I hobbled after Adrian and Harriet around the block last night moaning about the pain in my calves (I’m doing toe / natural running and thinking that  perhaps a run in the morning and Spartan Training at night was not that wise) I rued that finishing was the aim. I was also reminded that for all the progress I think I’ve made running on my own – you can see a path that looks like the one I traversed in Brighton recently above – there will be many tomorrow who go past me and make me feel as though I am running backwards.

Hey ho it’s all character building.

Wish me luck…

Below are the links to (1) my fundraising page for this event – (2) the why doing this and finally (3) FIND’s site so you can see what they do and stand for.




If you would sponsor this adventure to help FIND that would be brilliant – thanks to all who have so far.

Love Nicky


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