Am I the only one in the world who sees crashes on their computer all day every day when using Logic Pro X? Perhaps? Am I the only one who, due to brute persistence thinks, I’ll beat this? Perhaps – or maybe it’s a boys thing. And why does it seem like, when I get closer to completing something that pear shapeliness comes evermore regularly!

We had a wonderful week away – camping – and I don’t do camping, but it was great. A continuation of my no coffee, chocolate, wine, crisps and a consequential drop in sugar and milk consumption until my song is finished meant I came back without getting fat! So back in the gym this week and five hours of workouts later including two Spartans it’s Friday and I’m bunking off lunch time workout with the blues. Today I am about as useful as a chocolate fireguard. Why?

SafariIt’s been a week of knocks and computer hassle (a recuring theme from the computer for me – unfortunately).

I though I’d created a lovely piano base and some atmospheric lyrics to it earlier in the week. My lovely lady couldn’t hear it – at all. Perhaps I also have Rose tinted ears – particularly when listening to my stuff!

It’s the vocals that are the challenge. I think they are getting there and C with perfect pitch does not. Hmmm…

And I can normally be OK for the first six crashes of the computer but after that it gets personal and I feel like this is a waste of my life! Thirty crashes a day over a week can get to you… I think they’ve got to me…

So, commentary on ballroom dancing tomorrow and that should clear the head. Particularly as C is off to France for a few days and I’m a one parent sort everything out till next Thursday!

So BUCK UP Slater – stop your moaning and get on with it man…Logic Pro X

I’m kind of proud to get this message – Deep Architecture sounds like I’m doing something clever. However there are no folders to unpack so…  And Midi Connections above? Everything is sorted so that’s a mystery too.

Hey ho – Logic is great – if it would just stand up.

And Ian said to me in the gym when I mooted the idea of just stopping and given in – ‘we don’t do defeat’ – a good prompt. Onwards…

Love N

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