Maybe I’ll just share what I’m writing? Rather than keep it hidden away on file in the computer?

It’s a distraction of course and it takes time and therefore money but… I am amazed when words / songs / ideas come.

And maybe putting something into The World causes ripples somewhere and a benefit.

This lyric is a tribute to all the women everywhere who see us men for our heart and soul and stick with us through our : foibles, indiosyncracies and frustrating habits. Those women who give themselves to their ‘Chosen Man.’

I am one such man privileged to have such an experience of being chosen – even with all my faults!

As my friend Chris says to my wife Christiane “You are a Saint…” Indeed.

I hope the words provoke a thought and a smile. How different we male and female are.

And one day perhaps Christiane could sing this. If she wants to that is? And/or maybe another female voalist somewhere out there in the world? How great will that be.

Kust need to compose the music now :)

MY CHOSEN MAN – Nicky Slater lyric




  • tease-and-stocking

  • tease-and-denial

  • sissification

  • my-princess-goddess

  • mesmerize

  • jerkoff-instruction

  • humiliation

  • handjob

  • foot-fetish

  • female-domination

  • dirty-talk

  • cum-eating-instruction

  • chastity

  • ass-worship