I was wondering what I could do to raise money for Red nose day? Maybe this would help?

It’s a poem that has characters and is about Team Building and daring to come out of the place we’re stuck in. But more than that… IT’S A CHILDREN’S STORY ENTITLED – THE GIANT MOUSE. Click the preceeding text to get the wording and picture…. Perhaps you might like to read it out tomorrow in your workplace and then – as the brave soul who has dared to entertain your colleagues with this thrilling tail – see them inspired to give a donation to Red Nose Day and Comic Relief? Perhaps you might like to appoint characters?  Mouse, Shrew, Owl and the Lion and Leopard? Here’s me reading it… I’m sure you can do better… See if you can spot a little of Dudley Moore and Sir John Gielgud in there?

THE GIANT MOUSE by nickyslater

I am in the zone of these stories as I hear Christiane read to Tiger, our three year old. I read him one myself yesterday – Stick Man, Gruffulo etc… And as I listen to this Giant Mouse story I hear some tones from The Hunting of the Snark coming through and as I have been reading a biography about Dudley Moore the voicing is perhaps no surprise. Half a day creating a bit of fun, well that’s how it occurs to me!  Wow… There is one tiny section I would amend but apart from that I love it. How amazing that something can come out of nowhere and say hello.

Oh yes and the piano is an improv in E and I am learning how to write and produce. This is my only bit of work today. Eight hours! Practise this evening then…

THE GIANT MOUSE – RED NOSE a quick sketch with some big red noses added!

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