Christiane sent me this link.. It is David Whyte discussing Jerry Wennstrom’s artistic journey. Jerry destroyed his work and gave everything away and then started afresh! It provokes in me the thought of how it’s brave (Madness in the world’s eyes) to give everything up. All those anchors and agreed things that must be in place for me. To be able to move ahead without anything holding me down. Freedom – isn’t that what my faith is about? I once did a series of courses that focused on ‘Coming From Nothing’ asking people for this or that without any thought of anything apart from listening to their response. No… Would they be too busy, would they not do it? What would they want/think? It is amazing when I got to that place and was not be attached to the outcome. I make it sometimes today, but not often. A reminder to have the boldness and freedom of a child again perhaps.

25March2011-The Madness of the Artist by nickyslater

I have put a music bed – of the Asian Mystery Combination from my Oasys under the words to add atmosphere.

For a moment – as words come – the little voice (tlv) clamours and says, ‘Why are you writing? You are not a real poet.’ I agree with tlv. I am learning and will always be. My gentle little lines not steeped on the depth of thought and artistic understanding of agreed constructs of poetry ( I am reading Stephen Fry’s book on poetry!) the metre not iambic enough or not purposefully boldly uniambic (is that a word?) as my feet change position. So right now proper poets may not recognise poetry… They are ditties, simple words, thoughts with an ocassional rhyme. Or maybe the master of poetry reaches a place past the ‘official’ agreements and says… It is of you, it is created from your background, experience, thoughts and whole being, it is beautiful and it is ‘your poetry.’ Or maybe not… What is art? Why is art? Because it is… There must be something funny in my herbal tea this morning?

My friend Josh is an artist. A fine artist and a fine musician and singer. A huge talent in a huge man. His studio in Brighton inspired me to have a studio and now I am here. He can speak art. He has a Masters in Art. I find it hard to say anything more than… I like it / I love it when I see his work. Perhaps that’s OK? I last saw him sat in a field painting and asked if I could look. I was surprised to see a traditional painting of the landscape coming to life. He has always been abstract and into art with neon constructions within to me. I didn’t know he was a ‘proper painter.’ Come to think of it I have a Master of Arts degree on my wall – for Marketing. What is that about?

On Facebook Curtis sent me a thought from ‘The Reflective Practitioner’, by Donald Schon it is insight into learning – funny what Facebook can unveil and I was encouraged when his son liked my Live Live music bash. I am provked into thinking on learning – am I doing it as effectively as possible or am I being distracted by Facebook this morning? I planned an hour of Facebook time – it has moved to two and provoked my poem. ‘The Madness of the Artist?’ Yes, I shall call it a poem.

Now I shall aim to be ‘Coming from Nothing’ for the remainder of this day. Revelling in the wonder of learning music and seeing it’s structure across guitar and piano.

The photo? Christiane is gifted in seeing what I miss – I am now starting to take pictures close up of things. She teaches me to see differently. Tree bark, so practical and also so beautiful. It is -without question in my book – art. God’s art…

Love N
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