Another weekend of commentary for Eurosport. This week I am with Christopher Howarth, which will be great fun.  So ‘The Cans’ will be on as we review the latest figure skating competition this time from France.  I’ve been really getting into the Grand Prix Series this year. In particular the technical training aspects against the choreography. I’m building a database that I hope will help me be more informed about what is going on and who is getting on in the skating world. To help me wade through all the information we get I am using dictation software; so I sit here with my headset on (the one on the right above) talking to the computer!

The computer doesn’t recognise the word ‘wassail’ that’s ‘Castle’ no that’s ‘class on’ –  OK OK I’ll type it ‘CROISSANT.’ Perhaps it’s because I ticked the box to say I had an English accent?  I had hoped that Apple’s dictation software, which is super, would work for me and I tested it last weekend but the Internet connection at Eurosport is not fast enough so I bought some software instead.

A good headset is always a boon for dictation apparently, as for commentary – although the operator is of more importance.  Discuss?  I am dictating the tutorial sections as requested and some of it doesn’t work. Your headset is not connected properly. No, your software is not working properly. But a lot of it is and is fun to use.

There is one headset above which calls out to me. It is of course the

David Clark H10-13H Helicopter Headset With Free Headset Case with Cotton Ear Covers – £275.00 (inc VAT)

Why? Well I’d have to have a helicopter with it of course. Now that would be a fine way of getting to these Grand Prix events. Although a helicopter ride to China may be a bit of an adventure! Here’s to a great weekend of skating.

Love N

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