I watched The Voice on iPlayer this morning, a break from the European Figure Skating Championships I’m commentating on. It prompts some musings… I’m also reflecting on the thought provoked by  Adam Gopnik’s brilliantly written article – A Point of View: Sex and the French and his Noblese Oblige point on the BBC News.

Firstly Auntie BEEB can you allow me to make a voluntary contribution for the iPlayer service? Say £25 a year? It’s a fantastic service and as I don’t have a TV license, because I don’t have a TV (we use iPlayer all the time) it seems fair I contribute to the production costs. Let me know?

Second – How refreshing and involving to see the Judges on The Voice getting on with each other. How shocking and daring for television. How good to see respect and kindness in the interaction that is not doing people down to get an effect and build up the perpetrator at the expense of the hapless subject stood before them. Those ‘Get a Gossip Going Moments’ that provide self agrandisement for the attacker – The Judge – in their power position. It is much more my type of television / show.

I took part in Dancing on Ice for a while as a Judge for five years and went on a journey through addressing my angst at injustice I had perceived and experienced in my Ice Dancing career at the hands of the judges. I was learning about judging! It’s not easy for me. I wanted to stand out as a performer yet questioned what being a judge was all about and researched it. I’ve judged other things – The World Professional Ice Dance championship for example. At the end of my five years I needed a break, and got one.  A little unexpectedly. The combative judging environment taking too much head space for me and the lure of Celebrity and the price to be paid something that – being taken away – was humbling, a great life lesson and a relief! I love show business but don’t like selling my soul to ‘Be Exclusive’ for someone – anyone – except God and my wife and family that is.

It’s been a relief to become invisible again. Like living on a different planet, being normal and not being in a goldfish bowl everywhere. How soon people forget, how great to not have it be so important. I read a book by Ben Elton – it addressed the Judging TV Show scenario – Mingers, Clingers and Blingers were categories of contestants for a TV Reality Show chosen by the producers. Fiction that also added to my evaluation of what I was then involved in. In my DOI journey I reached a point of being there for the competitors. A Judge is not a position I enjoy; it is isolationist, responsible and demanding for me. You can’t please everyone all of the time, you might/will make mistakes and may wish to change your opinion but it will be too late. And you may be completely right and the baying hordes call for your blood. And of course when you are on television everyone thinks you’re a multi millionaire… Maybe one day…

But Nicky ‘You need controversy to catch people’s imagination, to win the viewers to enrole the audience. You need to polarise opinion the goody and the baddy is always the story that breaks through. It’s Shakespeare. People need sensationalism they need ‘Fight Fight’ to be inspired to watch and keep watching and so justify the production spend by ratings earned.’ Well not for me to watch they don’t…’ Yes Nicky and you’re somewhat older than our target demographic… Ah ha.

Like the politicians who’s boring –  “He said that so I must say he’s a plonker and this is my opposing view,” daily communication that is so predictable from the Communication Director’s office where everyone is ‘On Message’ (I was a Coms Director once for a charity). Now, for me, it is so boring and contrived that I turn off and am not involved. In the Ivory Towers of Power the ‘Point of View’ is isolated and it is, for me, flawed. People are not daft… and I like to think I am one of the people in that group? But then maybe…

How would it be if a political leader said – “You know, on that point I agree with you.” And sometimes, on going to war for example they do agree… but agreement doesn’t make the news that much. If someone was reasonable, put their case for me to evaluate in a reasonable manner and highlighted the differences, the principles they come from I would be more involved. But that’s too nice…

So ‘Nice doesn’t hack it.’ Hack… a term for a Fleet Street journalist. An interesting term to ponder on in its own right?

For me… kindness and respect, people daring to go for it allied to subjective and apparently honest opinion works for me. The Voice shows a different way for us and for our children and I am a fan. Particularly in this starting section of Blind Auditions. Putting singers in a ring later on the contrived fight… hey ho there you go again.

So maybe there is a different way to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT and I see it everyday around me. And maybe just maybe it will catch on… It’s not about being weak, but it is about having the ability to laugh at ourselves, communicate clearly without fear, not buy into the sensational, etc. etc… Lord help me! / Us!!

And who has the power here to make the change to what we see in print and on TV/Online? You and I. It’s what we watch that drives the dollars. The media is democratic, we can drive the bus.

I vote for THE VOICE.

And wonder how guesting on Dancing on Ice this February for two episodes will be?

Love Nicky





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