A family trip to North Yorkshire, car left in car park overnight and someone with a rather large screwdriver decides to dig into our poor car!


  • Sat Navs – old! – one works when she feels like it…
  • My son’s Monster Truck – no charger so will run out and be done
  • Headphones and baby iPod
  • My sons scooter – cost £3 from Sports Direct –  a proper scooter though
  • Daddy’s old and very nice tennis racket and Tiger’s Andy Murray racket too plus two balls!
  • my black tour jacket – rats…

PLUS… our cold bag for food! Smoothie, apples, and my nuts! I like to eat nuts and raisins on a journey.
Now stealing items is sad and my poor son’s been hit here but MY NUTS…
Some things are sacred and an Englishman’s nuts are not to be trifled with.

The lovely Louise – our assigned PC – did add some colour to the proceedings and Tiger has learnt all about stealing and consequences… But I’ve lost my nuts. Louise did say I/we could have victim support and I pooh poohed the idea but now, on reflection, I think I may need it because… Someone stole my nuts…

Well I guess the retail value of what was stolen might raise £25 at a Car Boot Sale and maybe ytje Sat Nav in a pub might fetch a tenner. It will cost me around £500 to sort car and replace items. Now if I claim on insurance, the amount I pay on my excess of £100 added to my increase in premium for each of the next two years of £300 each year means it’s not really worth claiming. Hey ho…

No one was hurt, computers and camera not in car, they left my Ray Bans and NBC Sports Cap and £4 in coins in the car…

Louise did say that one chap is known for doing this sort of thing but they thought he was in prison at the moment although he may just have come out? Anyway whoever it was then ate some nuts and – feeling invigorated – went and broke into a car up the road too!

It’s a sad thing when you feel you have to do this to make a living and I hope – if he/she has a family – that they don’t give the Monster Truck to their child as the disappointment of it running out and not being able to be recharged  might be traumatic.

Love N


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