Sounds of gloom and doom
Like a drummer, alone, in an empty room
Cause many to stop before their last drop
Of energy, passion, soul
Is given to their dream
Soon they will grieve
For ‘Could have beens’

And when old
‘If only’ tales of hindsight sail
Majestic through reflective days
That they gave up is plain to see
Let this not be you
Let this not be me

I’ve been reading a book about Music Publishing by Helen Gammons. It is written in the tone of ‘opportunity abounds in times of change.’ This approach does not ignore reality but it is coming from a positive, half full, viewpoint. By contrast I have read about the reality of piracy in the music business, which I aim to be a part of, and how there is doom and gloom for the artist and music creation/production in general. I have also found myself exchanging ‘if only stories’ with some of my friends. These inputs along with Psalm 145 of my CS Lewis Bible I read this morning prompted: ‘The sounds of gloom and doom, like a drummer in an empty room’ line. I am immersed in learning drum programming and routing different drums in my music production learning quest – maybe that has influenced the ‘drum reference?’

I was also phoned by the lovely Alan Godson, provoked by seeing Dancing On Ice Olympic TV programme last night. It would be good to be there for profile for me and I would enjoy being part of the team but it does take up headspace for me, so to not have that right now has been freeing from ‘the celebrity nonsense’ that can become a part of life when involved in that arena.

More and more I believe I have to give all I can to my passion, my goals. So I must do that. Bradley Wiggins had a dream and my – how he has succeeded with the Sky Team. Brilliant and inspirational. It’s simple really just took me a very long time to have the courage to really go for it. Let us keep on keeping on….I hope you are lucky enough to have found and be pursuing your passion, your dream too. Good Luck…. Let us not be sat in later years exchanging ‘If only’s…’

Back to drum routing conundrums I face today on my Music Production journey. Interesting and difficult, a great challenge for a Monday.

Have a great day

Love N

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