TIME OUT – DAY 321 (44)

I think I pushed a little too hard and didn’t drink enough fluids over last weekend and / or maybe things had built up for a while. The result? I was I was completely cream crackered with a rotten sore throat that kept me awake so I became more and more shattered… It took until Friday before I had any energy at all! Frdiay was when I went to the dentist and got a slight telling off from the hygenist – I always do… anyway new widgets to clean teeth that should help – God Willing.

Then this last weekend in Brighton with our Brighton Vineyard Church family. What a joy; food, wine, laughter and catching up on people’s wins and adversity – stories of life. The Nativity Service on Sunday morning was brilliant – Becca managed to avoid chaos by having the children going on a search for the baby Jesus behind the lantern after each reading and hymn!!! So they didn’t get bored. Very clever.

Lots of the church then went to a  restaurant for Christmas Lunch in the afternoon and then we drove home.

Funny for me how TIME OUT, forced through illness and then by design in a different environment along with hearing news and meeting up and sharing time with people we love all rolled together is refreshing. Rich times.

It was also lovely to hear reflected back to me, what I am doing, from people who have seen me years ago struggling to have the courage to start the journey initially and now see me persist on that journey in the music area.  An encouragement in itself.  I pat myself on the back and recognise that I have not given up… for all my distractions and ups and downs I am keeping going and growing in character (I hope) and competence.

I wrote a lyric OUR FRIENDSHIP SONG this morning which I really like. It was prompted by a chat with Chrissie – who is an expert guitar player, teacher and songwriter of music (I did Chrissie and Steve’s wedding video see an earlier blog) – I was able to naturally speak in the language of music much more than I could before.  This was a – wow, how brilliant revelation.

I also am reminded of how blest we are when you see and hear directly the struggles with jobs and health and life in general my friends face. Sobbering.

So it’s Monday and I am back at the keyboards – cancelled my singing lesson this week as throat has been an issue and I can’t sing properly although my tone has dropped and I vacilate between a Carlsberg adverts voice and a lovely Baritone which I’d like to keep! Back in my studio I am seeing it anew (still coughing a bit) so don’t come too close. Onwards… stay brave, stay fooish as Steve Jobs would have said.

Here’s to a great week.



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